SP Page Builder Pro is everyone's favorite site-building tool. Not only because it has plenty of functionalities to design any complex layout, but also because we never compromise on its updates by introducing new features and fixing issues. Plus, we have the most experienced support team to take care of your issues.

Today, we are updating SP Page Builder Pro with column enhancement, several features in an addon, Google Fonts update, and some other improvements & fixes. We hope, like all other updates before, you will enjoy SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.3 too.

Notable Changes in SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.3

Excited to find out what's inside the update? Let’s talk about what the updated SP Page Builder Pro (v3.7.3) brings for you.

New Options in Column

SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.3 Update

As mentioned earlier, columns got enhanced with background image size and the system to apply custom positioning in px, %, em, and rem. Also, now you have the column height option to define column height. Calculate the overall height of the column, the elements inside will take, and set the height that way.

Style Options in Block Number Addon

SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.3 Update

We've added several features to the Block Number addon. Now, under addon options, you have the options to easily style the number, text, and heading. 

Apart from these improvements, we also removed the default margin option in addons, updated Google Fonts to the latest version, and fixed several known issues that you have reported or we have found.

SP Page Builder Pro Changelog v3.7.3

Let’s take a look at the complete changelog below.

  • New: Column background image size & custom position options
  • New: Column height option
  • New: Several features in Block Number addon
  • Update: Default margin responsive value (tablet, mobile) in addons removed
  • Update: Google Fonts updated to the latest version
  • Fix: Not indexing issue in smart search
  • Fix: Carousel Pro blank page issue on height adjustment
  • Fix: Section background page break issue while selecting gradient tab
  • Fix: Page saving not working with Article addon issue
  • Fix: Animated Number addon title responsive issue
  • Fix: Form Builder addon from email issue
  • Fix: From email issue in Contact Form addon
  • Fix: Client addon's carousel not showing in Firefox issue

So, it’s time to update your page building tool to the latest version. Get the latest SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.3 and enjoy all of the new improvements and fixes. Let us know your feedback or suggestions in the comment section. Good day!

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