It’s been almost 8 months, we sailed towards the shore of building something great, completely different from the traditional way of building websites with a page builder. Eight months ago, after a long tiring day, our developers sat together and decided to rebuild everything, change the total game and go on a single vision of making a product that will change the way Joomla site development works, a product that will shrink an hour long development work to minute, a product that will be and continue to be the best Joomla page builder in the world.

From that very moment, we knew no matter what, we will go beyond our resources, efforts, our life's comfort and make the idea a reality. SP Page Builder 3 is not an improvement, it is not an update, it is a new level of reinvention. You must be wondering now, what is so good about SP Page Builder 3? The idea of SP Page Builder 3 is to make a masterpiece while drawing and seeing the changes in real time. I am so much proud to tell you that the speed is incredible, the whole interface is elegant and whatever you do will make you feel like total magic.

After using SP Page Builder 3, you will feel how you ever lived without it. The speed is incredible, the whole interface is elegant. And, the overall experience is truely magical. 

SP Page Builder 3 will give you a new level of comfort while playing around with things with its amazing modern visual interface. It offers you a faster, stronger, and the most athletic development experience in the frontend of your website. You can add addons to the frontend, customize them, and in the meantime see the changes live. The numerous built-in section designs will give you a magical head start with design sections of your website. Now you don’t have to worry about making things responsive, you can design all things differently for different devices on the frontend of your website. The redesigned media manager, design instruments, and library system of SP Page Builder 3 will put a smile on your face every time you use it.


Real time frontend editing

SP Page Builder 3 introduces a new level of frontend editing with its brand new frontend visual builder. No more hide and seek. Add the element, click on it, edit it and see what you are changing. No more time consuming- add and open addon, add content, and go to the frontend what you have added. Well, this time we have decided to give you more time to party by saving you from all the hassles. Now with this new frontend editor you can see your customizations in real time, no need to preview your customizations as everything is happening right in front of your eyes.

Faster development than ever

The new visual builder is faster than ever before. Now you can do development faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and you will feel like holding its steering wheel. Whatever you do, will happen in a split second. Now you can add elements and contents on the fly. The new drag and drop system of SP Page Builder 3 takes split seconds for loading elements. Your job is to dragging the things, dropping it on the right place, the rest will be done by the editor and before you know it.

Built-in section designs

We always feel there shouldn’t be any limitation to design just like we don’t have any limitation to our ideas and thoughts. We want to relieve you from all the hassles hiring designers, implementing your thoughts into design. For that very reason, we’ve introduced build-in section designs with SP Page Builder 3. Previously I have mentioned we are going to introduce a new era of front end visual page building with SP Page Builder 3. SP Page Builder 3 doesn’t want to make you all alone in the game. Now you have numerous in-built section designs for the various sections of your website. And in future, we will give limitless variations of the section designs. These designs are actually pre-designs of our addons. You have full flexibility to customize the addons used in it. You just have to drag and drop these block designs of your choice and the design will be ready. You can also do quick customization of these designs and modify it in your desired way. Simply, the whole process is supersonic fast and magical.

Responsiveness as you desire

With the release of SP Page Builder 3 you can forget about two things, doing hours of coding for the responsiveness of your website and days of hassle conducting the design for various devices. In SP Page Builder 3 we have introduced live editing of your design for the various devices. You can switch your design to different devices and see how the design looks on that device. You can then do all the modifications as per your design requirements for that device. The most exciting part is, you can see all the customizations live. These functionalities will make you feel like having a box full of chocolates with all magical flavors in it.


Library system

The library system is among the great things that we’ve introduced with SP Page Builder 3. The whole athleticism of SP Page Builder 3 is to give you triple output in a single effort. That’s why this time you can forget about making similar sections again and again for your website. With the new library system, you can reuse a designed section again in different pages of your website. All you have to do is to save your design in the library and call it when you need them. It’s that simple and super efficient.

Brand new system design

The design system of SP Page Builder 3 is totally different from the previous versions of the component. We have redesigned the UI and UX of both the editors (back and front). The interface of the frontend editor is designed to give you a quick access to the editors and the input fields. In the research we conducted before led us to think more about modal. We found out in recent times modals are effective before but no more. To make the development process more faster we said goodbye to “Modals”, everything is now live and within the reach of your hands. The drag and drop mechanism is now more sleek to give you a unique experience of visual page building. The whole system will let you feel having a handful of guns with unlimited ammunitions.

Polished and trendy addons

We have redesigned the addon interface and added more fields and functionalities. The overall design is now more polished and has a trendy look. Our designers worked really hard to analyze and bring out the best accessibility for our valued users. Now you’ll feel more comfortable playing around with our dedicated addons. The added fields and customization tools will extend your experience to a new standard.

Re-engineered media manager

The media manager of SP Page Builder 3 has been redesigned from its predecessor. We have applied the trendy minimal Material design concept in our new media manager and the output is so pleasing. The functionalities of the new media manager are also improved. Managing media files, adding, deleting, using it on the web page is now faster than ever. Now the media manager of SP Page Builder 3 is 10x faster than before.

Release timeline

Now let’s take a look at the SP Page Builder 3.0 release timeline:

  • 13 October 2017 → SP Page Builder 3.0 Alpha 1
  • 19 October 2017 → SP Page Builder 3.0 Alpha 2
  • 27 October 2017 → SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta
  • 07 November 2017 → SP Page Builder 3.0 RC
  • 13 November 2017 → SP Page Builder 3.0 Stable

Installation tips

This version of SP Page Builder Alpha release will work ONLY on fresh Joomla installations. So please ensure that your test ground site has a fresh installation. Do not use Alpha version to upgrade stable version of SP Page Builder 2.x  (even if it was uninstalled). 

I swear I will not use this Alpha version on a production/live site.

So, why wait? Take SP Page Builder 3 to a test drive now!

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