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SP Page Builder Carousel Addons: Which One to Use, When, and Why?

09 May 2020
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SP Page Builder Carousel Addons: Which One to Use, When, and Why?

We really can’t pin-point when website carousels made their debut but, now they’re everywhere in modern web design. Incorporating a carousel at the top of your landing page design passes on a feeling of dynamism and an opportunity for numerous CTAs. It can also be your go-to solution if you want to squeeze lots of information in one place.

But carousels are tricky. A clumsy one may prompt “banner blindness” and decrease your conversion rate. If you are an SP Page Builder Pro user, you can easily make your website skip that embarrassing phase. We are determined to furnish you with the best tools to make awe-inspiring web pages.

Having a variety of needs in mind, SP Page Builder has several carousel addons that are well-built, user friendly, and come with interactive features. Before diving into the details, let’s have a look at the addons first.

SP Page Builder Carousel Addons

  1. Carousel
  2. Carousel Pro
  3. Image Carousel
  4. Team Carousel
  5. Testimonial Carousel

Each of our carousel addons is unique and has its specific uses. Today, we will talk about their usage and features to assist you in picking the correct carousels for the correct purposes. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.


This one’s a classic, minimalist yet effective. The Carousel addon can be used as a hero carousel to represent your site’s most popular content and guide the visitor to your site’s target conversion using well-placed CTAs. Combine catchy texts and images to create a navigational paradigm.

It’s also worth noting this design works because it isn’t ad-like and has amazing features as mentioned below:

  • Simple but highly visual
  • Choose between autoplay and manual slider controlling
  • Speed control for autoplay feature
  • Arrow and bullet navigation
  • Well-placed CTAs
  • Customizable controller styling and position

Auto-advancing carousels often pose problems for some visitors, whereas others love to use them because they look flashy and cool. What makes our Carousel addon stand out is that we’ve provided you the best of both worlds to try and see what suits your needs.

Carousel Pro

Video has become one of the most important tools in inbound marketing. Keeping that in mind, we’ve designed the Carousel Pro addon. It’s an advanced version of the Carousel addon. The distinct difference is that it allows you to feature a YouTube/Vimeo video just by providing the URL in the settings.

Some of the other awesome features of Carousel Pro are:

  • Autoplay on/off feature
  • Speed and navigation control
  • Well-placed CTAs
  • Customizable controller styling and position

Generally, video content can get you more clients if you use them on your better-performing pages.

Image Carousel

Image Carousel lets you display a perfect, flawless, and stylish introduction of your items/highlights, areas/portfolio exhibiting. Image Carousel is the keenest tool to feature an assortment of pictures. What’s even better is you get the option to choose from four different layouts to promote your upcoming events, artists, and well the possibilities are endless!

The other eminent features of Image Carousel are:

  • Height adjustment and gutter control
  • Responsive display with swipe enabled that supports desktop mouse dragging and swipe through images for touch screens
  • Autoplay and animation control
  • Customizable controller styling and positioning

Ever visited a website that forced you to click on the next slide by taking the visuals out of the ordinary? This addon is going to do the same to your site visitors, trust us.

Team Carousel

Team Carousel, as the name suggests, lets you represent multiple team member profiles. It gives you the flexibility to choose the number of profiles you want to display per slide along with their image, position, and social media links.

Let’s have a look at some of the features:

  • 3 carousel layout variations
  • Control carousel slides turning on/off autoplay
  • Customizable controller styling and positions

This is the perfect addon to beautifully showcase your team on the About page of your website. All you have to do is choose your desired carousel layout and customize it to get the desired look and feel.

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonials are one of the significant components of your website to get more social proofs. The Testimonial Carousel addon has 7 layout variations in total to showcase your testimonials on a site.

Some of the amazing features of Testimonial Carousel are:

  • 3 carousel layout variations
  • 4 avatar layout variations
  • Quote, content, rating and avatar style control
  • Item per view control
  • Autoplay feature
  • Gutter control and swipe enabled.

The addon has a minimalist design to keep the main focus on the content sections. It’s modern, stylish, and will instantly uplift the look of your site.

Wrapping Up

You have the global styling options and advanced settings to furthermore apply interactions on the carousels. You can also add custom CSS and add your personal touch of style to the carousels.

We hope you have come to recognize what SP Page Builder's carousel addons are and their employment. Do not forget to check out the thousands of other features SP Page Builder tools offer.

Let us know your feedback and keep your eyes on our blog to stay up with the latest. Learn more, achieve more, and stay productive in this time of crisis. Good luck!

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very nice post i love it.

Zareen Tasnim
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Hey QUADRI SULAIMON, glad that you loved it! Keep supporting.

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Thanks for this update info!

Pls also update SP Pagebuilder from your link in the blog on Joomlas Extensions Directory (JED) where SP Pagebuilder tells 3.6.7 and your updated version is 3.7.2. https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/sp-page-builder/

Any news update about Helix Ultimate ?


All the best!

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Hey, we're working on the Helix update and we have done some massive progress. If you are in our Helix Community group, check this out: https://www.facebook.com/jkawshar/videos/2869070186495371

Regarding Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is updated with SP Page Builder Lite (Free) version 3.6.7. And your favorite SP Page Builder Pro is updated with 3.7.2

Thank you so much for your observation and input. Best Regards.

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Thanks for the explanations and use cases. I understand that those carousels have been added over time and many pagebuilder releases, but IMHO, the two initial addons always lacked touch/swipe support. They should have been updated for a long time. As far as I know there were some (famous) scripts with mobile and responsive features, even with a proper license model. It doesn't need so many different solutions, with the right script it might be one ultimate carousel for all purposes.

Kamruzzaman Alam
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Hey, Thanks for your observation and suggestion. We will definitely forward this to the development team.

Best Regards.

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thanks for this

Zareen Tasnim
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You're welcome. Be with us!

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