Today we are thrilled to announce the release of SP Page Builder 2.4.7, an update to the world’s most popular Joomla page composer tool. This update follows our strong commitment to providing the best ever website building experience to the valuable users. We’re sure, you’ll love what the new page builder brings for you.

First thing first. Let’s see the changelog for the latest SP Page Builder 2.4.7.  

  • New: Language management system (Pro)
  • New: External image link for Image addon
  • New: Twitter addon now displays tweet images as well (Pro)
  • New: Slide interval and speed added in Testimonial Pro, Carousel & Carousel Pro addons
  • New: Licence and Google Maps API key notice added (Pro)
  • New: Xing and WhatsApp sharing options added to Social Share addon (Pro)
  • New: Span and br tags now allowed in text field
  • New: Admin quick menu improved with new items
  • Fix: Image addon gets Alt and Title attribute fields
  • Fix: Gallery addon width issue in IE fixed (Pro)
  • Fix: Modal close button behind fixed header issue solved (Pro)
  • Fix: Modal responsiveness improved (Pro)

That was the changelog at a glance. Now we’ll explore some core new stuff in details.

Language Management System

New language management system in SP Page Builder 2.4.7

Figure: New language management system in SP Page Builder 2.4.7.

SP Page Builder is multilingual. Currently, the tool is translated into 12 languages so you can use it in other languages besides English instantly. If you want to use the page builder in your own language (which is not listed in the currently available 12 languages), please contribute to our translation project, and we will add your language as single-click-installable in SP Page Builder. Then all other users of your language will also get your language ready-to-use inside SP Page Builder.

With the new language management system, you get a single-click method in the component to install new languages. Then the page builder will be displayed in the languages accordingly with your site’s default language. It’s that much simple.

Display External Images via Links

Display external images via links using the Image addon

Figure: Display external images via links using the Image addon.

In the previous versions of SP Page Builder, the Image addon only worked with uploaded images. That means, you could use merely your on-site images. From now on, with the page builder 2.4.7, the Image addon supports external images placed via links. So you can simply place the image link to the Image addon and display that image on your site.

Slide Interval and Speed Added

Add slide interval and slide speed to sliding elements

Figure: Add slide interval and slide speed to sliding elements.

In SP Page Builder Testimonial Pro, Carousel and Carousel Pro addons, the v2.4.7 update brings two new amazing features that will wow your visitors. In the sliding elements created using the above mentioned addons, now you can add sliding interval and speed. The slide interval will define the time break between two sliding actions. And the slide speed will determine the speed of a single sliding action, that means how fast a slider frame will run from one direction to another.

We wholeheartedly believe this update will significantly improve your Joomla site building experience. So try SP Page Builder 2.4.7 now, and share your feedback with us. Thank you for choosing JoomShaper!

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