While updating SP Page Builder with brand new features, we researched and found that there are many ways we can improve the existing ones. Such as, some of the addons can be enhanced with more functionalities along with a few tweaks & fixes.

Depending on each of the SP Page Builder addon features, we are updating them with new styling and functionality options. Besides that, we are fixing any issue we come across along the way. Today’s update is all about that.

What’s new in SP Page Builder Pro v3.3.6?

  • 3 new section/row height options
  • Custom styling options in the Accordion addon
  • Top/bottom title options in the Testimonials addon
  • Animation duration option in the Pie Progress addon
  • Typography styling options in the Countdown addon
  • Several other new improvements and fixes

Let’s explore the newly introduced features and tweaks in details.

3 new section/row height options

SP Page Builder 3.3.6 gets 3 new section height options that will enable you to control the height of any section or row effortlessly. The new options are:

  1. Window Height
  2. Minimum Height
  3. Height

You will get all of these options under Section Height Options in the Styling tab of the section settings interface. Click the drop-down icon and the new height options will appear.

What do the new height options do?

I know you are going to ask this question right away. Don’t worry, I’ll tell details about all the new 3 height options.

Window Height: It’s the simplest and most straightforward way to set the height for any of your row or section. If you choose this option, the section height will always match to the browser window size where the page is being loaded. If you have been looking for a way to create a full screen slider on any display-size, this option will help a lot.

SP Page Builder gets new section height options, addon features & more in v3.3.6 Pro

Minimum Height: Depending on the content inside, the height of a row or section may vary on the client-side. Using the Minimum Height option, now you can set a predefined number in pixel to achieve that minimum height for the section. There is a slidable knob to set the range. Plus, you can enter a value manually.

Height: If you want to have a fixed height for a section/row on your website, select this option and set the height.

Given that, you can always set a custom height for a specific device like computer, tablet and mobile. The choice is yours.

Accordion addon Custom option

Previously, our Accordion addon used to provide 8 preset accordion styles that offer a quick way to build your pages with accordions. Today we’ve added the Custom option to let you design your accordion your way by adjusting its colors, padding-margin, borders etc. Please check the screenshot below.

SP Page Builder gets new section height options, addon features & more in v3.3.6 Pro

Top/bottom title options for Testimonials addon

With today’s updated version of SP Page Builder, you can decide where the testimonial provider’s name, avatar & designation would be displayed- top or bottom? That means, you can either put the name and designation of the testimonial provider to the top of the testimonial text or to the bottom. The following animation tells you the full story.

SP Page Builder gets new section height options, addon features & more in v3.3.6 Pro

And yes, you get this option in the addon’s General settings section.

Animation duration option in Pie Progress addon

Animations help a website get more lively. With today’s update, we’ve added the new Animation Duration option to the General settings of the addon so that you can control how long the element will keep animating.

SP Page Builder gets new section height options, addon features & more in v3.3.6 Pro

It’s quite self explanatory. So why not try yourself!

Countdown addon new typography styling options

The Countdown addon gets several new typography styling options today. The most notable ones are the Counter Font Family and the Label Font Family. Now you can customize the counter numbers and text labels with your own font choices and stylings.

SP Page Builder gets new section height options, addon features & more in v3.3.6 Pro

You will get these new options in the Countdown addon’s General tab.

More new features

It’s a really big day for every SP Page Builder Pro user because we’ve performed several other minor but useful tweaks in 3 more addons. Specifically, the Opt-in Form addon gets rid of button icon text dependency. Plus, icon margin options added to the Button and Contact Form addons.

Fixes and improvements

SP Page Builder 3.3.6 comes with 10+ improvements and fixes to several known issues based on our in-house R&D and user feedback analysis.

Please find the full changelog of SP Page Builder 3.3.6 right below.

  • New: 3 section/row height options added.
  • New: Accordion addon Custom option added.
  • New: Testimonials addon name, avatar, designation placement options (top/bottom) added.
  • New: Pie Progress addon animation duration option added.
  • New: Countdown addon typography style options added.
  • New: Opt-in Form addon button icon text dependency removed.
  • New: Button addon icon margin option added.
  • New: Contact Form addon button icon margin option added.
  • Fix: Article addon wrong category article display issue fixed.
  • Fix: Carousel Pro addon height break frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Animated Number addon after/before text issue fixed.
  • Fix: Button Group addon gradient background issue fixed.
  • Fix: Image Overlay addon button text broken on frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Carousel addon not autoplaying in frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Carousel Pro addon autoplay not working in frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Fix: Block Number addon number disappearance issue fixed.
  • Fix: Icon Group addon display issue fixed.
  • Fix: Article addon incorrect cyrillic symbols display issue fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline addon undefined variable issue fixed.

We believe, like all other updates we released before, this one will also win a lot of SP Page Builder users’ hearts. The new section/row height options, custom options in Accordion and animation duration option in Pie Progress are something that many of you have been talking about. We were in your shoes and felt the necessity. Today’s update is the outcome we all wanted. Enjoy, and let us know your feedback.

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