Hello SP Page Builder users! We hope that you are staying home and maintaining social distancing. Fighting COVID-19 requires everyone to be a part. In most cases, our part involves staying at home. This is why we are working from home and trying to bring new goodies for you. As a token  of that, today, we are releasing SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.2 for you.

Stay home and keep building awesome web pages with SP Page Builder. Social distancing is what we all need to be doing right now. Wash your hands often and avoid crowds.

Changes in SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.2

You will enjoy several fixes and improvements once you update your SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version (v3.7.2). Notable changes include improving the Team Carousel addon. More specifically, team members in the Team Carousel addon got a self-hosted profile link option. Apart from that, there are some fixes to the issues you reported and we discovered.

SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.2 Changelog:

  • New: Team Carousel addon - Team member self-hosted profile link option
  • Fix: Slideshow addon - std class could not be converted into string issue
  • Fix: Row empty background image breaks frontend edit view issue 
  • Fix: Carousel Pro addon - Background image selection breaks frontend view issue
  • Fix: Row empty MP4/OGV background breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Fix: Taking InnerRow breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Fix: Selecting column pattern overlay breaks frontend edit view issue 
  • Fix: Image Layouts addon - Selecting image breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Fix: Not searching page builder content issue in Smart Search

In general, you just have to reindex articles in smart search settings. In order to get the previous articles on the smart search, you have to save all the previous articles for once.

Let’s not sit idly and waste our time. It’s time we stayed home and did something that puts us ahead. Building amazing websites for your business or clients is something you can do while staying at home. Whether you are a business owner, freelancer or a web agency owner, you can keep working from home if you have tools like SP Page Builder Pro. Good luck.

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