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SP Page Builder and SP Simple Portfolio Got Updated With Several New Features and Improvements

29 December 2020
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SP Page Builder and SP Simple Portfolio Got Updated With Several New Features and Improvements

Good day, Joomlers! In our effort to make your website building experience a divine one, we work tirelessly to keep our Joomla products up-to-date with the web trends. By the title, you can already tell, we’re here again yet with another update. This time not only one, but two of your favorite tools - SP Page Builder and SP Simple Portfolio are getting updated with several new features and fixes to deliver excellent performance.

Excited to find out what you’re getting in this update? Let’s dive right into it.

SP Page Builder v3.7.8

With today’s update, both the Pro and the Lite versions are getting a new admin module for Joomla 3 and other improvements. I’m sure you’ll love these changes and experience a more enhanced website development.

Let’s find out what today’s update is all about, shall we?

SP Page Builder v3.7.8 Changelog:

  1. New: Check-in feature on the frontend
  2. New: Admin module for Joomla 3 only
  3. Fix: mod_sppagebuilder bug

Check-in Feature on the Frontend

With this feature, multiple users when checked-in can edit the same page on the front-end. It offers a sophisticated way of grouping users together and giving them editing access. Clearly one of the best ways to speed up your development process.

Admin Module for Joomla 3

SP Page Builder 3.7.8 Update

We have added the admin module for Joomla 3 in both the Lite and Pro versions with this update. Now, you can easily create & edit pages and manage your Joomla site with ease.

SP Simple Portfolio

SP Simple Portfolio Allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage, and publish stunning portfolios and integrate them into your Joomla! site. The filterable portfolio - when a particular tag is selected, the list of projects is instantly regenerated with a new list of projects from the selected tag.

Let’s take a look at what today’s update has in store: 

SP Simple Portfolio v2.0 Changelog:

  1. New: Automatic module installation while installing the component
  2. New: Sorting option in the module
  3. New: Joomla 4 compatibility
  4. Fix: SP Page Builder integration
  5. Fix: Modern router issue
  6. Fix: Items from subcategories

Sorting Option in the Module

SP Simple Portfolio 2.0 Update

As per the users' request, we have moved the sorting option from the menu to the module. To set the ordering, from the admin dashboard, go to Extensions > Module, and select the SP Simple Portfolio module. You can sort your items by title or order, simply select your sorting option from the drop-down menu as per your need.

What are your thoughts on today’s update? Hurry up, update your favorite page building tool and SP Simple Portfolio to enjoy all the latest features and improvements. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

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Hi, I´m getting an error notificatio on updating to 2.0: "ALTER TABLE `#__spsimpleportfolio_items` ADD `client_avatar` text NOT NULL AFTER `client`;"

Niels Larsen
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After updating to SSP-pro 3.7.8 the Text-is no longer active. I can add a text-addon but when I click on the pencil (which showes "save addon" instead of "edit addon") an emty page opens with no place to write. The if I open a text-addon with already written text. No tex is shown

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