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SP Soccer, SP Movie Database, and SP Property Updated With Several Improvements

09 May 2023
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SP Soccer, SP Movie Database, and SP Property Updated With Several Improvements

Good news for all our SP Movie Database, SP Property, and SP Soccer users! We are dropping off a good update on these extensions this week that you might have been waiting for. This update addresses fixes for several bugs, overall performance improvements, and PHP 8 support enhancement for SP Soccer. 

Without further ado, let's check out the changelog below to find out what this update is taking care of!

SP Movie Database - Movie Review Joomla Extension

SP Movie Database Joomla Extension

SP Movie Database Joomla extension lets you build your own movie review website similar to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Rolling Stone, etc. With SP Movie Database, you can easily showcase a detailed view of each movie with helpful information, implement a Rating and Review system, display the Actor/Director profile, and more.

SP Movie Database v2.0.1 Changelog:

    • Fix: Resolved an issue with movie review submission.
    • Fix: Resolved an issue where the “Movies per page” option value was not working properly.
    • Fix: The Search function was not working on inner pages when SEF mode was enabled.

Download SP Movie Database

SP Property - Real Estate Extension for Joomla

SP Property Joomla Extension

SP Property is a dedicated Joomla extension for creating and handling real estate websites. It lets you easily manage the property list, property features, property display contents, agents, visit requests of the property, and all other data.

SP Property v4.0.4 Changelog:

    • Fix: The Floor Plan tab was not working properly on the property details page.
    • Fix: Resolved an issue related to the setError() method for Joomla 4.
    • Fix: The price for the Rent type property was not being displayed properly when the price type was fixed.
    • Fix: The Properties menu category filter was not working.
    • Fix: Added a default zoom option for the property map.

Download SP Property

SP Soccer - Sports Teams & Clubs Joomla Extension

SP Soccer Joomla Extension

SP Soccer Joomla extension is designed for sports teams & clubs that allow you to create and manage your own league with tournaments and seasons inside. With several powerful features, SP Soccer lets you create impressive sports polls, list out players and create player profiles effortlessly!

SP Soccer v2.1.0 Changelog:

    • Fix: PHP 8 Support improvements.
    • Fix: Date setting issue.

Download SP Soccer

Update Now!

If you’re using any of these extensions, you’ll find an update prompt to update the extensions to the latest versions. If your license has expired, please renew your license now to get support and updates. 

Let us know your thoughts and feedback on the update in the comments. Good day!



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Yofie Setiawan
Yofie Setiawan
7 months ago
your moview demo site goes 404 https://demo.joomshaper.com/?template=moview
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
7 months ago
thx, we will check & fix it asap.
4 months ago
Hallo, I would like to ask about SP Soccer - if I add results of the matches, does it count the statistics automatically to players? Thx for your reply!!!

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