COVID-19 has put the world in a state of emergency. People can't go out, interact with one another, and engage in their daily activities. Maintaining harsh curfews and social distancing is the only way to fight this viral disease. However, a silver lining to this scary situation is that since everyone is stuck at home, productive people will aim to take advantage of all the free time they have. 

Fortunately for the learning industry, almost all tasks can be done right from the safeties of your home. As a result, your existing business can also be transferred onto an online platform pretty effortlessly. There's no need to fret! Just stay home and keep teaching your students. Not only will you be able to conduct your business, but you will also be able to give your students a sense of psychological relief and a sense of normalcy. 

How to Start Teaching From Home

If you've been dabbling in Joomla for a bit, and you want to start teaching using Joomla as your base CMS, then you've made the right decision. Creating an entire website from scratch can be very annoying. 

Our Joomla templates will help you hit the ground running and quickly launch your site with minimal coding or development work.

How to Take Your School Online and Teach from Home

In the library of high-quality Joomla templates, 3 of them are specifically designed for the eLearning industry:

  • Educon: Modern Joomla template for universities, colleges & schools
  • Language School: Language institutes, clubs, and coaching joomla template
  • Varsita: Education based Joomla template with integrated LMS 

Moreover, our extension, SP LMS, will take care of the core features of an LMS site: course building, teacher roles, eCommerce, and content distribution.


Just get the template that fits your needs. You will find every necessary detail on how to launch your online teaching platform in our documentation. Our support team is also ready to assist you for a quicker launch.

Once you are up and running with your online course platform, it’s time to do the following!

Create Engaging Courses

An engaging course is the first step towards your LMS goals. After all, it won't matter if you have a high quality and robust website if you bore the students with bland content.

How to Take Your School Online and Teach from Home

SP LMS comes with a robust course builder that can help you create text content as well as distribute your video content. To find out more about SP LMS’s course builder and how it works, visit the SP LMS documentation on course building.

Build Interactive Quizzes


Interactive quizzes are another crucial part of creating an eLearning platform. A course cannot be successful in teaching the students completely without actually testing them on their learnings. This is where the quizzes come in. Quizzes must be challenging enough to test the students in the topics that you covered. You should also make the quizzes simple and not take too much time. This will help alleviate pressure for the students. To learn more about the quiz creating process of SP LMS, take a look at the documentation on quiz building.

Sharing the Instructor Role With Others

Teaching, like most other things, is done better and more effectively as a team. And if you know people with the same passion for teaching, you should definitely look into sharing your responsibilities as an instructor. This will not only take some burden from you but also create a bigger scope for teaching more subjects.

How to Take Your School Online and Teach from Home

SP LMS has full support for multi-instructor ready websites and eLearning platforms if you want to expand your business. And the best thing is, it’s super easy! You can find out more about adding new instructors to your Joomla LMS site using the documentation on teacher profiles.

How to Build Your Audience 

Building an audience is, oftentimes, the most challenging aspect of any e-business. However, during times when the record-breaking internet statistics are being observed, it’s easier than ever to do digital marketing. Just get online to your favorite social media, and start sharing! Ask your friends and family to share and you will be up and running very soon. Do some paid marketing as well!

Wrapping Up

People staying home has given the eLearning industry a massive boost. This will, in the long run, create an even more massive and booming industry as more teachers start working from the comforts of their home. So, we highly recommend trying out these steps to make sure you can also jump on this bandwagon and take your career in eLearning to the next level. 

Stay home, stay safe!

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