What does it take to develop a perfect product, a product of excellence? All we know, it is not walking in the park or sipping coconut water in the sun. We had a vision, an idea, commitment and sheer will to develop a perfect product. We went through a year-long development marathon. We tested the limits and outran it. We learned new things, adopted new technologies and went beyond our ideas. Now we are standing in the finishing line and presenting you the stable version of SP Page Builder 3.

Although SP Page Builder 3 has better functionalities and features than SP Page Builder 2, the pricing still the same. So, why wait?

We’ve boosted our own innovations and tweaked them with user-feedback to create a new standard. The result is thrillingly awesome. SP Page Builder 3 comes with a new level of frontend page building. The frontend interface is now more stunning, the workflow is super fast, the drag and drop system is smoother and funnier than ever before. Also, we have added some trendy features like Shape Divider, Google Fonts, and built-in block elements. Now you can forget your site's responsive headache as SP Page Builder 3 comes with responsive tools that will definitely make your life free from responsiveness issues.


Existing SP Page Builder 2 Pro users can upgrade to SP Page Builder 3 Pro for free. 

You may already know what are the things coming with SP Page Builder 3, as you have experienced all of them in its experimental versions. Now let's take a detailed overview of the exclusive features of SP Page Builder 3.

Real-time frontend editing

SP Page Builder 3 is going to introduce a new era of frontend editing with its brand new frontend visual builder. With this newly developed frontend editor, you don't have to go anywhere to see your output. Everything is on the frontend. Whatever you do, whatever you change, you can see that along with modifications right in front of your eyes.

Redesigned UI

The layout of SP Page Builder’s frontend editor is redesigned having Material Design at the core. We have put a lot of hours of research while designing the UI for both the frontend and backend editors. The UI is now more stunning and visual-friendly. Also, the UX of both the editors is now more user-friendly.

90+ section designs

SP Page Builder 3 empowers you with 90+ ready-to-use section designs promising to make your development work much easier. Save time in designing sections and get the design instantly by just dragging and dropping the block of your choice. You can do all these in a shortest possible time ever.

Beautiful Shape Divider

Beautify your websites with elegantly designed Shape Divider. The shapes in SP Page Builder 3 are there to design different parts of your web pages effortlessly. Add any shapes to any part of the website sections at ease. Invert and flip the shapes flexibly anywhere on your website. Do less and get more with these shapes.

Section library system

Library system is a great feature of SP Page Builder 3.0. With the new library system, you can reuse a designed section again in different pages of your website. All you have to do is to save your design in the library and call it when you need them. It’s that simple and super efficient.

Device specific responsive controls

With the release of SP Page Builder 3 you can now forget two worries, doing hours of coding for the responsiveness of your website, and days of hassle conducting the design for various devices. In SP Page Builder 3 we have introduced live editing of your design for various devices. You can switch your design to different devices and see how the design looks on that device.

Polished and trendy addons

We gave a whole new look to all the addons with an extended number of fields & functionalities for you to do more. Now you can easily play around with our functional addons. The polished and newly added fields and customization tools will take your experience to a new height. Discover what surprises addons can bring to your site.

Google Fonts support

Worrying about the right fonts of your website texts is no more a part of building beautiful websites. SP Page Builder 3 lets you use Google Fonts on your site. Now you can pick fonts of your choice from a huge collection of Google Fonts and set a great typography on your site in the easiest way possible.

Customize font styles

Changing the styles of the texts is easier than ever with SP Page Builder 3. Setting the font weight and making it more attractive can be done easily right from an addon’s editing interface. Pick a font then style it with all available options including text size, letter spacing, margin, alignment etc.

25+ pre-designed template layouts

To give your development a head start you are served with plenty of pre-designed page layouts. You can use these in-house page layouts to launch a site in seconds. Just choose a pre-built layout and customize it using your contents. The site is ready. New layouts will be added on a regular basis.

Create complex structures and layouts

With SP Page Builder 3 you will feel a solemn power of developing complex structures of your site. You can choose your desired complex column structure and add nested rows inside them. The default column settings give you all the functionalities to develop your layout as per your design requires.

Copy, paste, delete & duplicate anything

SP Page Builder 3 comes with copy-paste capabilities that will help you quickly create complex layouts by duplicating existing rows, columns, and addon arrangements. You can easily copy elements and paste them into desired positions.

Export and import pages

It’s really a time-saving and suited feature you must enjoy. With SP Page Builder 3, you can export page layouts and later import them to get your desired structure back. The export-import feature lets you use a previously created page layout and build a site in the shortest period of time.

Use with Joomla Articles, K2, J2Store & as modules

SP Page Builder comes with Joomla Articles, K2, J2Store integration. So create K2 items visually without facing a single glitch. Also, you can create e-Commerce sites as SP Page Builder 3 lets you decorate J2Store items. You can also use SP Page Builder as a module anywhere on your web page.

Rich editing experience with JCE

SP Page Builder 3 comes with JCE editor support which will enable you to use JCE facilities inside the SP Page Builder text editing interface. So a new option is now open before you in case if you don’t want to use TinyMCE editor.

Re-engineered media manager

We have redesigned the media manager of SP Page Builder and now its different from its predecessor. We have applied the trendy minimal Material Design concept in our new media manager and the output is so pleasing. The functionalities of the new media manager are also improved. The speed is way more than before.

Page access control on your hand

It is one of the most effective features of SP Page Builder. You can set ACL for every single page of your website with SP Page Builder. Take total access control in your hand and make your site intrusion proof.

Build multilingual sites

You can develop multilingual sites with SP Page Builder as it works natively with any language you would be using. With its language management system you can install a new language in a single click. SP Page Builder displays the languages accordingly with your sites default language.

Renovated system structure

The system architecture of SP Page Builder is totally different than its previous versions. Now it is faster, smoother, and more user friendly. The UX of the both editors (back and front) is well researched and the workflow is tested with all the case scenarios.

More exclusive benefits

Adding to the above features, you get some more exclusive features when you choose the SP Page Builder 3. 

SEO & SMM optimised

The SP Page Builder 3 component totally utilizes page titles, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnail images and OG data for the perfect SEO & SMM.

Compatible with templates

You don’t have to worry about any compatibility issue. SP Page Builder 3 is compatible with almost any Joomla template, template framework and extension. It guarantees that your content will always come along with you.

Super fast site building

With the super innovative frontend editor and the intelligent backend editor, SP Page Builder 3 lets you create full-featured, 100% responsive and mobile-ready sites in a snap.

Save development cost & time

You can develop your site while talking to your client or taking a cup of coffee. Also implementing design and development in a super fast interface minimize your development cost and time to a significant extent.

100% responsive website

Whatever you build with SP Page Builder, that becomes fully responsive and mobile friendly. You don’t need to code separately to make pages responsive. If you create a page with SP Page Builder, that will be 100% responsive and mobile-ready automatically. It’s like a magic.

All possible layouts

The newly designed editors of SP Page Builder and its built-in designs let you develop or design any possible layouts you desire. We have made sure you get a powerful web development experience with limitless design possibilities.

So, this is how SP Page Builder 3 has turned out so far. Let me tell you one more thing, it makes me smile every time I use it. What're your impressions? Take SP Page Builder 3 to a test drive now and please let us know your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions in the comment section below. Your words inspire us. Enjoy the product.

N.B. Please take a full website backup before upgrading to SP Page Builder 3. 

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