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The top 4 Joomla hosting providers to run your sites in 2017

28 January 2017
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The top 4 Joomla hosting providers to run your sites in 2017

What goes up, can occasionally come down. If you are not spending a certain number of mouse clicks to find the right hosting provider for your website, there is a possibility that you are going to experience the worst-case scenarios with your web hosting nightmares.

Reasons to be Cautious

Reason 1: Joomla Facts
Developing a website from the scratch is not an easy process, the same thing applies while choosing the right hosting plan. Joomla may be free, easy to use but Joomla’s actual strength doesn’t lie within these words. The real image of Joomla comes with the open source codes developed by the huge Joomla community. The features, extensions, plugins and components they have created and developed extend Joomla’s full functionality and robustness of broadening your project’s success. Joomla has a lot to offer but from the beginning, you have to ensure its full functionality and flexibility. So we would like to suggest you to avoid cutting corner trends and to leave “cheap” out of your equation and choose a better hosting provider that is well configured for Joomla websites.

Reason 2: Human Facts
According to psychology humans are more satisfied and calmer when they are in control of the situation. Same rules apply for website loading time. Less loading time leads to better satisfaction of your clients. A speedy website can make your client and visitors feel that they are in total control of everything, total outcome from your website depends on that particular fact. To ensure that you need a hosting that can deliver the goods on time. So think twice before jumping.

What Points Should You Consider?

Let’s take a step back and see what you should be looking before choosing a hosting provider.

Expertise in Joomla Server Configuration
Your hosting provider needs to be an expert in Joomla server configuration. You may not be familiar with all the Joomla hosting terms and trends. That’s why it’s crucially important that your Joomla hosting provider is totally up to date and experienced in Joomla hosting and can provide necessary supports you need time to time.

Fast Joomla Supported Hosting Server with 99.99% Uptime
If you read the human factors, there is no need to explain why your hosting provider should have a fast Joomla supported hosting server and another crucial fact that your hosting provider has to be that much resourceful to provide 99.99% uptime. A single minute of downtime can bring catastrophic failure to the outcome of your website.

24-Hour Joomla Technical Support
The hosting provider’s support team needs to be trained with Joomla websites and Joomla web hosting. If not, you will fall into a cave of troubles with your hosting. Also, technical support needs to be at service 24-hour everyday. That way you would be able to make sure you are always prepared for every possible circumstance.

Reliable Infrastructure
A reliable infrastructure is needed to ensure amazing functionality and performance. Without this, the platform will provide less execution and doomed performance.

Points You Should Bewared of

Go Unlimited
Nothing is unlimited. Don’t get disillusioned by all those unlimited fanatics. You will be able to find out the true limitations soon enough while you are at the unlimited package. So, judge the facts like disk space, bandwidth, consider the best and be the winner.

Online Reviews
Most of the times, online reviews are affiliated. So it is not a good practice to alter your decision based on online reviews. There are some user reviews that can come pretty handy, so explore them.

To reduce some weight off your shoulders we have analyzed and researched most of the Joomla hosting brands and come up with the top three hosting providers up to their feet to ensure your satisfaction and getting the best against your hard earned money.


Although Rochen provides services for some other applications but they are mostly optimized for Joomla based website hosting. Being the official hosting provider for, Rochen provides fast, secure and reliable hosting with 24/7 support team aiding you with all the Joomla supports.

They provide two types of pricing, $4.95/month for one website with 20GB SSD web hosting and $8.95/month for multiple websites and 60GB SSD web hosting. Their available premium features

  • Backups
  • Assisted migration service
  • WAF protection
  • Optimized MySQL
  • SSL encryption
  • Free domain
  • Site segregation

Cloudaccess hosting is highly optimized for Joomla websites with very much effective and unique Joomla 3 free tutorials, skilled support team and one can try their free hosting plan that offers single application, fewer hosting space, limited support and basic cloud control panel before upgrading to their Mini, Standard and Business plan. Their well-equipped cloud control panel featured with backups, database access, secure file transfer protocol and much more. Their Bolt-DNS platform is built for ensuring higher speed for their clients.

Cloudaccess exclusive premium features include:

  • Innovative cloud control panel
  • Migration support
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Cloud Mail support
  • Fast Bolt-DNS service


With the experience of hosting more than 80,000 Joomla websites, SiteGround received the “Best Joomla Host” award 2010, offering exemplary attractive and rich features like LXC technology driven platform, free SSL certificate, NGINX performance enhancer and automated monitoring system. Their jHackGuard extension, isolated custom made server setup and security audit procedure remit all the vulnerabilities and security issues for their clients. Their SSD based shared hosting starts from $3.95/ month.

SiteGround provides premium features, such as:

  • SSD storage
  • NGINX web server
  • Geeky Supercacher speed optimizer
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • HTTP/2 enabled server


If your Joomla or WordPress website must be located in Europe servers. SmartHost have its own Datacenter, located there connected to the internet with multiple independent Bandwidth Providers and Internet Exchange Points. cPanel and high stability CloudLinux system with the LVE technology. Multiply PHP versions: 5.5, 5.6, 7.0.21 and 7.1. SmartHost strongly support almost all CMS events in Poland/EU, so they can solve almost any problem with Joomla! installation, settings are very flexible but still strong secured.

SmartHost provides premium features, such as:

  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Anti-Exploit System
  • Email reminder about CMS updates
  • SSD storage
  • VPS Servers
  • HTTP/2 enabled server
  • Test Hosting account for 14 days

We believe you will find the best solution for your web hosting need after reading this post. Don’t hesitate to share your experience and suggestion with us in our comment section.

Happy hosting !!

Paul Andrews
Paul Andrews
6 years ago
I fully agree with Rochen being #1.

I've been with Rochen for a few years now after about 15 years having a Dedicated Server with my previous host, who was bought out by a host who was a nightmare. Since moving to Rochen I now have a Managed Cloud Server hosting 100+ Joomla sites and growing, and they have had my back every step of the way. Support is fast and [b]'supportive'[/b] which is a bonus, tech support and when there has been an issue or I've requested custom solutions, they have been proactive, suggestive and in the same headspace as me - pretty much wanting a highly secure, fast and reliable solution that can grow and also handle traffic spikes on some fairly busy sites I manage.
Towfiq Omi
Towfiq Omi
6 years ago
Hi Paul

Thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions.

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