Helix framework has been the most loved and appreciated Joomla template framework in the history of Joomla. Helix Ultimate took the experience to a whole new level and helped rewrite the history. The secret behind this tremendous success is we care to provide everything that the users need. Today is another remarkable day when we are releasing a major update of Helix Ultimate.

The wait is over, now let's have a glimpse at the full changelog of Helix Ultimate v1.1

  • New: Progress bar to indicate the reading timeline
  • New: Purge button added to remove CSS cache and Sass files from the system
  • New: Show/hide related articles, manage number of posts and view types
  • New: Enable/disable body modules on article details page
  • New: Controls for social share icons added
  • New: Responsive options added to typography for font size
  • New: Show/hide tags on blog listing page
  • Fix: Off-canvas menu item dropdown for menu heading and separator types
  • Fix: Edit button style and position updated on article details page
  • Fix: Social share with rating positioning issue
  • Fix: Mobile SVG logo issue
  • Fix: Image URL issue when compression enabled
  • Fix: Article format tab style on frontend article editing

Reading Progress Bar

Helix Ultimate has been the base of numerous news and blogging platforms. With Medium on the rise, online blogging has got a new set of audience who are patient but like to know about how much time they are investing in reading an article. The new Reading Time Progress Bar feature does just that. If enabled, when any user is scrolling through a Joomla article, a bar will be on the top or bottom showing the reading progress. What's more exciting, you have controls for defining the line height, changing the color and setting its position. You’ll find the feature from Helix Ultimate > Blog > Details > Reading Time Progress Bar.

Update: Helix Ultimate 1.1 Comes With Most Requested Features & Huge Performance Boost

Related Articles

Another intriguing rather demanding feature for blog/news/magazine websites is showing related content to the visitors to keep them engaged with the platform. Showing related contents to new visitors can turn them into potential readers. Today's update brings this feature to Helix Ultimate. You’ll have the control over the view type, changing title and the number of related articles you want to show. You’ll find the feature from Helix Ultimate > Blog > Details > Related Articles.

Update: Helix Ultimate 1.1 Comes With Most Requested Features & Huge Performance Boost

Typography Responsiveness

Having the same font size across all devices will certainly break your website design. Setting different font sizes for different devices makes your site more responsive and more engaging to the user's eye. Today’s update brings global typography responsiveness setting for font size. You can access the settings from Helix Ultimate > Typography.

Update: Helix Ultimate 1.1 Comes With Most Requested Features & Huge Performance Boost

Other New Features

Let us not forget about the little new features that help Helix Ultimate be the best Joomla template framework. We have added a “Purge” button to CSS compression for removing previously stored cached files. We added social icon add/drop functionality and you can enable/disable their visibility on the blog page whenever you want to. The functionality to control module visibility on the body area of blog details page is introduced as well. You can also show/hide article tags on the blog listing page from now on.

Update: Helix Ultimate 1.1 Comes With Most Requested Features & Huge Performance Boost

Notable fixes that come with today's update

Along with all the new features released in today’s update, we have addressed a few known issues of Helix Ultimate. We solved the off-canvas dropdown visibility for menu heading and separator menu types. We fixed the positioning issue of rating and social icons. SVG image type support added for mobile logo. Broken image URL when CSS compression is enabled issue has been addressed as well. We have also improved the styling of the frontend “Edit” button and article format editing on frontend view.

The love and support we get from you for Helix framework is beyond imagination. Today’s update brings the most requested features and fixes. If you think we missed anything or like to have something new in Helix Ultimate, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for being with JoomShaper. Happy Developing.

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