We keep saying that we always respond to our users' requests. We do everything in our power to come up with the solution that will meet their demands. Some think we are just saying that, words don’t mean anything, some guess we are exaggerating. But no matter what others think, the great always keeps doing what s/he does. The same way, JoomShaper will keep listening to its customers’ no matter the cost is.

Backend Module Editor Returned

As you already know, Joomla has limitations when it comes to customizing modules. That’s the reason why we had to shift to frontend editing to customize the SP Page Builder modules. However, that was before we asked what you like the best. When we got to know your preference, we sat down, took a break and started thinking about it. After long meetings, with the help of our brilliant developers, we found a way to reintroduce the backend module editing options. Now you can edit SP Page Builder modules in both frontend and backend. The new solution gives a way to support loads of data in modules, so don’t hold back when you need to add something to your modules via backend module editor.

Update: Re-introducing Backend Module Editor in SP Page Builder v3.4.11

Now that you know what this update is focused on, let's have an overview of the full changelog.

  • New: Reintroduced SP Page Builder module backend editor with large data support
  • New: Title field added for the Icons Group addon
  • New: Drop Cap font size option added to Text Block addon
  • New: Show related videos from the same YouTube channel in Video addon
  • Update: Send empty value for unchecked checkboxes in Form Builder addon
  • Fix: Progress bar stuck for values lower than 6% in Progress Bar addon
  • Fix: Undefined variable issue in the Icons Group addon
  • Fix: Content responsive issue in the Image Layout addon
  • Fix: Overlay not showing on frontend view issue in Slideshow addon
  • Fix: Page template importing from administrator page issue
  • Fix: Button link type icon margin issue

More New Features

We have added a few useful features to different addons. Like you can name the icons of the Icons Group addon within the same addon. Up until now, you’d have to use any other text addon if you wanted to do that. There’s a new feature in the Video addon using which you can show related videos from the same YouTube channel when the video ends. We have also added font resize feature for drop cap in the Icons Group addon.

A Few Fixes

In this update of SP Page Builder, we have fixed some minor known issues as well. We have addressed the undefined variable issue of Icons Group addon, fixed frontend overlay showing issue in the Slideshow addon and improved content responsiveness of the Image Layout addon along with other fixes.

In today’s SP Page Builder v3.4.11, we focused on user feedback. We intend to keep on doing that in our future releases as well. In case you think we missed something, or you’d like to have a new functionality in SP Page Builder, drop your thoughts in the comments below and keep an eye out on our blog for related news.

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