Another day, and another new stunt of introducing our precious user community with newest of product features and improvements to ensure your trust and our worthiness of having us with you in your web journey. We have updated SP LMS and introduced numerous features and improvements in SP LMS 2.2.

Let’s have a brief look at what comes with this new update and what functionalities will these updated features bring to your LMS website.

What’s New in SP LMS 2.2?

With SP LMS 2.2, bank transfer payment methods is added in payment setting. Events, courses and more pages got language and ACL compatibility. Customizable purchase email notification is also added with this new update. Money_format() error in windows is now fixed in SP LMS 2.2.

Bank Transfer Payment Method

In the LMS payment settings, there were direct and PayPal payment methods, but now you can also add bank transfer payment in course orders and purchases. You have to give bank transfer info and currency info to avail this amazing feature.

Multiple Languages and ACL Support

In SP LMS 2.2, courses events and all other pages get multilingual and access control support. You can add your desired language. Also, you can restrict users from accessing the pages and information.

Email Notification and Customization

Once an item is purchased, an email notification is now provided from SP LMS 2.2. You have to add a confirmation message and customize it in the options order page. There are two shortcodes while customizing the confirmation message. {course} represents the course the user purchased and {total_price} accounts for the total price the user paid in purchase.

Event Buy Ticket URL and Social Share

Every event page has these two new features with SP LMS. You can now add 'buy tickets' and 'social media connectivity' options on event pages. You have to add the buy ticket URL in the SP LMS component. Social media connectivity is added to ensure easy promotional purposes.

Events and Courses Sorting Options in Menu

Events and courses options in menu now have more settings options. Now you can select category, item type and ordering in this new update.

Money_format() Error Issue Fixed

Money_format() error in Windows OS of SP LMS is now fixed with version 2.2. There were also backend item issue, event image thumb issue, Google map API issue- all of these are now fixed with the SP LMS 2.2.

SP LMS 2.2 Changelog:

  1. + Added payment method bank transfer
  2. + Multilingual and ACL support
  3. + Email notification after purchased (customer, admin)
  4. + Email notification customize option.
  5. + Lesson Attachment add/remove
  6. + Component update option
  7. + Courses sorting option in menu by category, course type, ordering (ASC, DESC)
  8. + Events sorting option in menu by category, ordering (ASC, DESC)
  9. + Event buy ticket url option
  10. + Social share feature in events
  11. + Added LMS version in backend footer
  12. - money_format() error issue fixed
  13. - Backend item sorting issue fixed.
  14. - Event image thumb issue fixed.
  15. - Backend google map API issue fixed

Our R&D team is continuously researching and bringing new stuff to ensure our worthiness to your service. Suggest us what more features and changes can we bring. Use the comment section below to give your opinion regarding our product.

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