Earlier this week we have released SP Page Builder 3, the brand new version of the world’s best Joomla page composer tool. We’re overwhelmed by the warm receptions the tool is getting from you. To provide you an even better experience, we’re presenting an update to this extension.

We have fixed all the issues that are posted by our valued users and testers. Check out the changelog and get a glimpse of the fixes.


  • Fix: Inner row padding and margin responsive issue fixed (Pro)
  • Fix: Row title and subtitle font size issue fixed
  • Fix: Button text responsive issue fixed
  • Fix: YouTube video now muted in live view (Pro)
  • Fix: Repeatable item button clone issue fixed
  • Fix: Column setting error after re-initialization issue fixed
  • Fix: Parallax JS function error issue fixed (Pro)
  • Fix: Inside addon design for backend issue fixed
  • Fix: Text input re-initialization issue fixed
  • Fix: Shape height issue fixed (Pro)
  • Fix: Drop cap color issue fixed
  • Fix: Some minor fixes are also applied

Before upgrading your site to SP Page Builder 3.0.1. Please make sure to check the below-mentioned requirements. Also, please follow the update procedure described below.

System Requirements

  1. PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0.x.
  2. Make sure PHP provides full 64-bit support.

Update Process

  1. Full Backup of your site including the database.
  2. Delete Joomla cache and browser cache.
  3. Now update to SP Page Builder 3.0.1.
  4. Delete Joomla cache and browser cache again.
  5. If any bad thing happens, don't worry. We are here to help you. Just open a forum question with your problems. We will help you.

Ending with big thanks to our all the users and testers who have tested SP Page Builder 3 and provided error reports and suggestions. If you have more please let us know.

N.B. Please take a full website backup before upgrading to SP Page Builder 3 and onwards.

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