Every day starts with the dawn, similarly, as a developer you start your day with SP Page Builder, the world’s #1 Joomla page composer tool. Today is a special day with a great news. We've just released an update to SP Page Builder. Here comes SP Page Builder 3.4.5 Pro. Excited? Let’s head over to the details.  

SP Page Builder 3.4.5 Pro changelog:

  • New: Video addon - Mute option added
  • New: Client addon - Open link in same window option added
  • New: Icons Group addon - Open link in new window option added
  • New: Feature Box addon - Title/Image/Icon URL open in new window option added
  • Update: Navigation addon - Sticky option enabled for mobile
  • Update: Text Block addon - Negative letter spacing option added to the title
  • Update: Accessibility improved in buttons and inputs for all the addons
  • Update: All addon icons (FontAwesome) accessibility improved
  • Fix: Image Layouts addon - Short length content image shrink issue fixed
  • Fix: Form Builder addon - Dynamic CC, BCC issues fixed
  • Fix: Slideshow addon - Zoom effect not working on image issue fixed
  • Fix: Google font family ends with number, not getting font issue fixed
  • Fix: Contact Form addon - Without Google CAPTCHA submitting, form reset input field issue fixed
  • Fix: Form Builder addon - Checkbox duplicate ID issue fixed
  • Fix: Slideshow addon - Caption image not shown in the front end issue fixed
  • Fix: Feature Box addon - Icon border issue fixed
  • Fix: Tab and Form Builder addons - Select field empty site break issue fixed

Mute option added to Video addon

Update: SP Page Builder 3.4.5 Pro brings tons of improvements and tweaks

As you may already know, Google Chrome has changed its autoplay policy. To ensure that your video will be auto-played & looped on an intended web page, it’s better to play the video in silent mode. To enable this, we’ve added a mute option in the Video addon. Now you can mute the videos to make sure that the video will autoplay and loop. Please note, you can mute the videos that are hosted on your server only.

Open link in same window in Client addon

Update: SP Page Builder 3.4.5 Pro brings tons of improvements and tweaks

In the previous versions of SP Page Builder, if you put any link on a client image/logo using the Clients addon, the link always opened in a new tab. With today’s update, we’ve added an option to open these links in the same tab. Just turn on the option appears in the client item.

Open link in new window in Icons Group addon

Update: SP Page Builder 3.4.5 Pro brings tons of improvements and tweaks

Yes, it’s exactly that what you’ve guessed. Now you can make the icon links to open in new tabs. Just turn on the Open Link In New Tab option in Icons Group addon and save changes. The Feature Box addon also gets a similar feature today.

Mobile sticky option enabled in Navigation addon

Previously, the Navigation addon’s sticky option was available for desktops and tablets only. Today we’ve enabled it for mobile devices as well. Lots of customers expressed their interest in using this feature on mobile phones. Now they get it.  

Accessibility improved

Icons, Icons Group, Button, and Button Group addons have just received a huge accessibility boost. We’ve added some descriptions where needed in the code, so that the users who need special care will get these additional details. This can be for a button, an icon, and so on.

There’s more

Besides these above mentioned big improvements, there are some other notable enhancements in today’s SP Page Builder update. There are a bunch of tweaks, several bug-fixes and other updates inside.

We hope you’ll find SP Page Builder 3.4.5 Pro significantly useful for your business. Please try it and let us know your feedback. More amazing stuff are on the way. Stay tuned!

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