When the whole web industry is marching towards flexibility, ease of uses, and faster development, SP Page Builder, the site building superpower, has already reached further from there with its so many intuitive features and functionalities.

Out of so many much loved features of SP Page builder, the pre-designed templates took a special place in our user’s heart. The way it relieves people of creating web pages from the scratch surprises them every time they take advantage of it. As a part of our process to make it even greater, we are adding 11 new pre-designed templates to the collection.

Great tools aren’t just made and stay untouched. They require to be polished, modified, and extended with latest features to live up to the standard. That’s what we do to SP Page builder.

The total number of ready-to-use page templates in SP Page Builder becomes 54 after today’s addition.

11 brand new pre-designed templates

The newly added pre-designed templates come in two special categories. People with the will to create hosting and SEO services websites can get the best out of these page templates.

Page templates for domain and hosting businesses

We added 6 new page templates for the people who want to create a hosting service website.

Update: SP Page Builder gets 11 brand new pre-designed templates

The new page templates are:

  1. Hosting Home: Tells all about your hosting services asking visitors to get started right on the first viewport.
  2. Service Pricing: Gives you an engrossing display of your pricing plans and the features right beneath it.
  3. Domain: Welcomes visitors with a domain search option and the pricing of different extensions of the domain below.
  4. Services: Brings all of your services in a single place to impress the visitors more.
  5. About: Shows what you are as a company, lets you display team members and sections that help you add more.
  6. Contact: Displays your whereabouts with a map and a contact form for visitors to reach you.

Page templates for SEO services

There are 5 more page templates focusing on SEO companes and their services.

Update: SP Page Builder gets 11 brand new pre-designed templates

The newly added page templates for SEO services are:

  1. SEO Home: Talks about your company. Places a button to discover more and displays all you do right beneath it.
  2. SEO Services: Shows all of the services you offer in a single page with their specific details.
  3. Service Details: Let visitors know more about each of your services with their pricing plans. Even shows reasons for choosing you.
  4. About: Describes your company, displays team members and gives more sections that help you add more.
  5. Contact: You can have Google Maps with physical address of your company and contact details on this page.

Accessing these template is so simple. Upon having a valid license and clearing your browser cache, the added items are already there in the Template List.

With such valuable resources in hand, you will build wonderful websites easily with minimal effort. Apart from this, there are a lot of useful functionalities in this tool for you to experience. We hope you will enjoy this update. Stay with us.

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