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SP Easy Image Gallery

Updated Last: 17 July 2020

Create Albums

Add New Album

To create new album with SP Easy Image Gallery, just click new on top of album page. A new window will pop-up and there you need add detailed customization of the album.

In this page give your album a title in the title text-box on top of the page. Then you can add a description of the album. The most important part here that you have to add a feature image of the album. Add the thumbnail image which will be the feature image of your album. After you finished doing all the customization set the album status to published. Before that you can and you should select a category from the list of category you have created.


Upload Images

There are two ways of uploading images. You can drag and drop the images or you can select the images from your computer using the select images button. After you have selected all the images you need to add in your album click upload. The images will start uploading.


Below in the picture we have added the images and it looks like that.