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Integration With Hikashop


chris wilhelms

Feature Request 2 years ago

I see you have integration with J2Store, however they don;t have a version out for joomla 4 yet(and when I asked if there would be I was simply told I couldn't be told unless i bought thier pro version for software that doesn't meet my needs)

any chance we could see integration with hikashop inside page builder? So far pagvuilder has surpassed all my expectations, so much so that I upgraded from personal to developer, and am moving all the websites I maintain over from sitepad(it has always been so clunky)

I use helix ultimate, and no matter what I can't get anything on hikashop to display(cart, login, products etc)


1 Answers
Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 2 years ago #54868


Thanks for your opinion, I will inform our DEV team so that they can look after it