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500 Error



SP Page Builder 1 year ago

Ran into a wee bit of a problem that I did not have yesterday with another site. New install J4 wiht SPPB and Heliix Ultimate.

Tried to create a SPPB page, actuallit is appears to have created the apge but when I go to edit th epage I have the dreaded Joomla 500 error

Turn off SEF I get 400 error becuase it's not a live site

Stange how no problem with anothe rbeta site, same server.

suggestions Please

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Senior Staff 1 year ago #110101

Hi there,

I appreciate you reaching out. I sincerely apologize for this oversight. Will you please provide me the Joomla administrator access to check the issue? I will check & get back to you soon. 

  1. Enable the error reporting maximum from the global configuration
  2. Enable the debug mode from the global configuration