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Global Configuration Of SP Easy Image Gallery



Extension 3 months ago

Hi there, I'm using SP Easy Image Gallery on my website and I'm wondering are there any options to globally configure it? E.g. by default gallery description is displayed on category image which doesn't look good, can I configure it to show description only when gallery is being opened? The same goes with Title - when opening a galery, there is no title e.g.

Also I would like to remove image counter in each gallery as it is not relevant.

You can see the case here -

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Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
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Support Agent 3 months ago #148154


Thanks for contacting us. As per my knowledge there is no default option to do that. By the way, here is our global Configuration options.

And for stopping image count please follow this instructions below:

Go to Menu--> Gallery --> --> Scroll down -->