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Field Type Codeeditor For Sql



SP Page Builder 1 month ago

I have successfully created a custom add on. The addon queries the database for records and displays the record count as a badge on a button. Thus i used a field 'type' => 'codeeditor', 'syntax' => 'htmlmixed' for sql query configuration. Works like a charm until i try to add "smaller than" in the query, such as <= now() . In this case the interpreter takes this as a html statement- which is expected. What field type and syntax attribute do you reccommend to take, which is not interpreted? Is there a developer documentation where I can see those field types and attributes?

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Ofi Khan
Ofi Khan
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Support Agent 1 month ago #154565

Hello Mike

Sorry, we do not have this documentation now. We will think about adding it in the future. Right now, we have this documentation

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