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How To Set Image Size With Css



SP Page Builder 3 weeks ago

I want to reduce the height of an individual image (image-addon in SP Pagebuilder) using css. How can i do that? Adding a custom css class in the "general" tab "css class" field with a max-height defined has no result. I defeined the class in the Helix3 template>custom css section, so no custom.css file.

I used this code: .dealerlogos { max-height: 110px !important; display: inline-block; } Without any result.

Inspecting the code and adding the "max-height" statement to .sppb-text-center .sppb-img-responsive, .sppb-text-left .sppb-img-responsive, .sppb-text-right .sppb-img-responsive { display: inline-block; max-height: 110px; } does the job but then all of the images of the page are limited in height.

Where should i place the CSS code?

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Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
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Senior Staff 3 weeks ago #154930


Custom CSS you can add in Page Settings > Page CSS (tab) Custom CSS

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Sorry, but wouldn't it be easier, faster & better to just upload a smaller logo "SuperSoco" image - with height 145px ? How much time have you lost so far for CSS research, 20-30min, and resizing the picture is 60 seconds. Use the KISS principle ;)