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I Need Help For Quickstart I am Beginner Level


Samir Mustafa

Template 3 years ago

Hi i am beginner level in all these joumle, i bought one template but i dont know how to use quicstart for this. I connected on chat but their reference page want including detailed information. I am a bit confused. I dont know how to use Xampp and how to connect with my databese or my page. I also have important data in databases which are created chronoforms and chronoconnectivity i dont want to loose these information. This a webpage for a charity in educational bases in Colombia. Please can you help me for this. Thanks

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Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
Accepted Answer
Senior Staff 3 years ago #115

Hi, sorry but we don't teach Joomla nor Xampp here. It's far beyond support.

Use Google Translator and read this: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/joomla-templates/podcasta/template-quickstart-sp-page-builder

It would be great if you can find somebody who knows Joomla and Spanish language and can help you or give you free lessons.

I can help you only with our products, install template as well if you really need.