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Slideshow Addon Responsive Settings



SP Page Builder 5 days ago

Hi, I have following question - I saw people here with similar problems but without a solution for mine:

I want to use the slideshow addon for commercial banners. Most of the banners have text in it. Here is an example:

To page

As you can see when I resize the browser window, the slider keeps the height and everything left and right disappears. Thats not an option when we have text in the images, because the text is quite important. I want the slideshow to get a smaller height and keep the width and height relations.

For example I want it to work like this example

I have played around with the settings and I also found the CSS that I could alter, but e.g. when I place

.sp-slider .sp-item .sp-background { background-size: 100% 100%; }

the container around is not losing height and the width and height relations will not been kept.

Can you give me a hint with this?


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Ofi Khan
Ofi Khan
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 4 days ago

Hello kweb

Please use this CSS to Template Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS and check the differences. But I prefer your CSS.

.sp-slider .sp-item .sp-background { 
    background-size: contain; 
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

Best regards