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Joomla Template for Women NGOs and Charity Firms
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Joomla 5, 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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15 March 2023

SheFund is a complete women empowerment Joomla template dedicated to building modern websites. It can be used for all types of campaigns, local community projects, social movements, also politically engaged & non-profit organizations, charity firms, women’s right activism, and women empowerment communities. The SheFund Joomla template is built for organisations and activists to showcase their work and network online. 

SheFund Joomla template comes fully equipped to promote women’s human rights and highlight the noble cause to potential fund donors! Highly customizable and flexible to work with, you can get your site up and running in no time. The SheFund Joomla template QuickStart pack has SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $59). Construct web pages using the page builder’s front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons.

An effective solution to penetrate the digital marketplace, SheFund allows you to seamlessly showcase your top liberation agenda and gain authority in your niche.

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SheFund Overview


SheFund is a women empowerment Joomla template to create a full-fledged website for women NGOs, charity firms, women’s rights activism, and women entrepreneurship. You can showcase projects, display charity works, tell women success stories, and raise funds for women. Boldly raise your voice for women and engage in women empowerment activism online.

SheFund Key Features

  • An elegant home variation exclusively made for women
  • Donation form to support the cause
  • Rich gallery to showcase women activism
  • Portfolio and project
  • Present organization with richly designed about page
  • Partnership and sponsorship
  • Tell inspirational stories in blog
  • Built-in pages
  • SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate
  • Regular update & dedicated support

Elegant and Empowering Home Page Design

The SheFund Joomla template is designed with women empowerment and women’s rights activism in mind. Its home layout features an empowering hero section, showcases mission and activities, displays stats, and presents many more elements related to women.

  • Ask people to donate to support women empowerment
  • Have a sneak peek of your organization on home layout
  • Multiple CTA buttons for people to be a part of your mission

Donate to Support the Cause

Women’s rights activism and empowerment programs require financial support to run successfully. This is why we give a dedicated donation page to raise funds for your cause. Let people support your noble movement financially.

  • Visually rich donation page to inspire people to donate easily
  • Donation form powered by SP Page Builder addon to execute the donation
  • Donation buttons on different places to direct people to the donation form

Inspirational Activities in Gallery

Photos are a wonderful way to tell stories. Take photos of your women's activities and place them in a well-designed gallery. Showcase your best moment and have an impact on people’s minds with your organizational activities.

  • A smart photo gallery to frame women activities and moments
  • Feature your top one and view photos in a bigger preview
  • Set up your gallery with the SP Easy Image Gallery component

Run Charity Campaigns for Women

Run charity campaigns for women from your organization. Show your support for women and fight for their rights to uphold the dignity of womanhood and empower them. The SheFund Joomla template has dedicated pages to present your campaigns.

  • Raise awareness among people through campaigns
  • Get a campaign directory page to list all campaigns smartly
  • Showcase each campaign visually on a nice detail page

Rich Presentation With Team, About, and Stories

Build a website that richly presents your organization online. Get Team, About, and Stories pages to showcase your NGO, team members, and success stories on different pages. Create a great impression by showing who you are and what you do.

  • Team: List team members and visually display them on your Team page
  • About: Describe your organization with photos, numbers, and reviews
  • Story: Share your journey by displaying moments and team members

Showcase Organization Portfolio and Projects

Does your organization have portfolios to present? SheFund gives you the opportunity to showcase your portfolio in different projects. Run women empowerment projects and showcase them as portfolios on your website.

  • Share your running projects and display them as a portfolio
  • Have a visually rich presentation of your portfolio
  • Get a dedicated project detail page to display individual project

Ask For Sponsors and Partners

Women’s activism and empowerment movements need support. In case you want such support from different people and organizations, you can ask them to join your movement. SheFund gives you a “Join The Fight” page to enroll sponsors and partners.

  • A subscription form in the hero section to get connected
  • Showcase the process of becoming partners in steps
  • Have a visual presentation to inspire people to be a part

Inspirations and Stories

Tell women’s success stories, cover your campaigns and projects, publish announcements and news, and share your activities on your blog and inspire people to be aware of women’s rights. Make sure your activities reach more people with stories and blogs.

  • Get a clean and responsive design for women’s blog
  • Eye pleasing & modern blog single page construction
  • Talk about women’s rights and activities, and more

Built-in Pages

The SheFund Joomla template has a bunch of built-in pages that help you launch a website for women NGOs in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo content to get started. Get contact, coming soon, registration, and 404 pages with the template.

  • Contact: Let the interested visitors contact you via the phone number, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.
  • Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know about your upcoming campaigns and events on a nicely designed coming soon page.
  • Registration: Convert website visitors into registered users through an effective registration form.

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Powered by the mighty SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate, the SheFund Joomla template is a complete solution for your women NGO sites. Enjoy the finest website development experience with its drag & drop live site-building mechanism.

  • Ease of creating and editing your content on the go
  • Front-end website development with a real-time viewer
  • Enjoy the benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools

Regular Update & Dedicated Support

The SheFund Joomla template comes with detailed documentation and dedicated support to make sure you install and use the template without a hiccup. You will also get experts’ assistance for any technical issues you may face while using the template.

  • Fast & experts’ assistance to your technical queries
  • Future-proof your website with regular updates & fixes
  • Detailed product documentation for a quick guided start
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