We make sure you get the latest technology in the tools and templates we provide. While updating tools with new features and functionalities, we care to ensure our products get those new technologies. Apart from that, templates themselves require new features to live up to the standard. This is why we update our templates on a regular basis.

Today, we are updating 5 of our mega templates. These heavy templates are already rich with powerful features and robust functionalities, we are making sure they get the latest changes in the components and improve performance with fixes & features.

Here comes the list of the templates getting updated today.

  1. Finatic - Finance, accounting, and consultation firm Joomla template
  2. Indigo - Multipurpose business, corporate agency Joomla template
  3. Themis - Complete law firm template for lawyers and attorneys
  4. Travelia - Joomla template for travel blogs and tour guides
  5. Konstra - Joomla construction template for construction companies and builders


Finatic is a multipurpose Joomla finance website template. This is an ideal website pack for financial business owners, corporate firms, accountants, consulting and relevant companies. With advanced features and 3 home variations, Finatic fits all corporations with monetary services.

Finatic v1.2 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (v3.9.13)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder Pro (v3.6.4)
  • Fix: Creative home layout hero section social icon issue on smaller devices
  • Fix: Single service text breaks
  • Fix: Offcanvas menu close icon not showing in RTL view
  • Fix: Blog list arrow icon not linked
  • Fix: Case Studies section breaks on smaller devices
  • Fix: Blog slider Next & Previous button position
  • Fix: Footer text alignment issue on smaller devices
  • Fix: About page Advance Tab RTL padding Issue
  • Fix: Call to action input field text hidden issue

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Indigo is a well designed Joomla template for all kinds of businesses, corporate firms, and creative agencies. It offers eCommerce functionalities as well. Indigo can be quickly adapted to your project needs and goals. It has 5 unique homepage variations, impressive page elements like stunning image sliders, product display, filterable category showcasing etc. Indigo makes it easy to navigate on your website, plus the modern design will instantly turn visitors into buying mode.

Indigo v1.3 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (v3.9.13)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder Pro (v3.6.4)
  • Fix: Hero slider arrow issue in RTL view
  • Fix: RTL off-canvas menu toggler alignment issue
  • Fix: Call to action button alignment
  • Fix: Blog details page testimonial section padding issue
  • Fix: Category page blog layout design broken issue
  • Fix: Search module remove from the blog list

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Themis is a Joomla law firm template. It's a perfect website template for attorneys, advocates, solicitors, and law firms. The Themis template is versatile and highly customizable that can be used for all types of legal consultations and other relevant websites. It is built using the drag and drop SP Page Builder Pro which is extremely helpful to set up and edit the site layout.

Themis v1.1 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (v3.9.13)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder Pro (v3.6.4)
  • Fix: Offcanvas menu issue in RTL view
  • Fix: Price v2 text alignment issue in RTL view
  • Fix: Footer social icon padding issue
  • Fix: Vlog v2 text block padding Issue
  • Fix: Helix predefined header version 2 issue

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Travelia is a state of the art Joomla template for travel blogs (bloggers), resorts, tourism websites, travel guides, and more. Travelia Joomla template offers a perfect way to showcase pictures from your journey, tips, experiences, and adventures. It’s packed with lots of features and beautiful designs to help you achieve the ultimate goal of your website.

Travelia v1.4 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (v3.9.13)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder Pro (v3.6.4)
  • Fix: Pagination button select Issue
  • Fix: Subscription form padding issue

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Konstra is a Joomla template for construction companies of any size. It has been designed dedicatedly for construction companies, real estate developers, architectural agencies, renovation service providers, and relevant building services. Konstra comes with all the features required for an outstanding construction service website.

Konstra v1.3 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (v3.9.13)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder Pro (v3.6.4)
  • Update: Slideshow addon improvement on IE browser
  • Fix: Home page slider issue on IE browser
  • Fix: Team member social icon alignment
  • Fix: About page RTL background shape
  • Fix: Off-canvas menu issue

Download Konstra     Live Demo

You should have received the update notification on your Joomla control panel by this time if you have the appropriate access. Don’t be late, update as soon as possible, and share your thoughts in the comments. Please do let us know your expectations from JoomShaper.