One of the things that we love doing at JoomShaper is setting new targets for ourselves. Keeping in line with our passion, we have just updated 7 of our Joomla templates. Starting from the latest components to the latest version of Joomla, you’ll find your favourite templates performing even better. There are some new features that we have added and enhanced for you in this update, know all about it in today’s post.

Here's a quick list of the templates getting update in this batch.

  1. Dentro - Dental Joomla Template
  2. Mega Inc - Corporate Agency & Business Joomla Template
  3. Language School - Language Institute, Club, and Coaching Joomla Template
  4. Konstra - Joomla Construction Website Template for any Kind of Construction Company
  5. Travelia - Joomla Template for Travel Blogs and Tour Guides
  6. Ares Murphy - Premium Joomla Template for Portfolio, Blog and Resume Sites
  7. Yoga - Joomla Template for Gym, Sport, Fitness Club


Dentro is a beautifully crafted and responsive Joomla template for dentists, dental clinics, and other related healthcare businesses. Have a great canvas for displaying dental services, dentist’s contact, opening information, prices, and more.

Dentro v1.1 changelog

  • New: Appointment form
  • Update: GDPR, Privacy Policy, T&C checkbox on Contact page
  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)

Note: Please update SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version first, then update the Dentro template. 

Download Dentro     Live Demo

Mega Inc

Mega Inc is a clean yet gorgeous Joomla template for all kinds of businesses, firms, and corporate agencies. There are so many options in this template so you can develop a unique online presence for you or your client.

Mega Inc v1.1 changelog

  • New: White Home variation
  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder (3.5)

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Language School

A carefully designed Joomla template for language learning schools, coachings, clubs, and other related institutions. The template covers the whole language niche while providing the freedom to be applied to other relevant fields.

Language School v1.2 changelog

  • New: Price added to courses 
  • New: Cart option added 
  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder (3.5)
  • Update: Modified admission course deadline
  • Update: Event filter list alignment (in RTL mode)
  • Update: Event listing page CSS improvement
  • Update: Homepage CSS improvement
  • Fix: Header shrink issue fixed 
  • Fix: Responsive issue- toggle menu bar size and position (small screen)

Download Language School     Live Demo


Konstra is a full-fledged Joomla template for construction companies of all sizes. The template is designed dedicatedly for any type of construction companies, real estate developers, architectural agencies, renovation service providers, and relevant building service businesses.

Konstra v1.2 changelog 

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder (3.5) 
  • Fix: Menu prev and next button responsive issues
  • Fix: Sticky menu responsive issue
  • Fix: Page title responsive issue
  • Fix: Mobile menu responsive
  • Fix: Featured section image responsive with RTL version
  • Fix: Testimonial Slider responsive issues
  • Fix: Expertise section side image RTL issue
  • Fix: Contact page black background issues in small devices

Download Konstra     Live Demo


Travelia is the best solution for any traveling or tourism blog and portfolio websites. It is built for travel blogs (bloggers), resorts, tourism websites, travel guides, and more.

Travelia v1.3 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder (3.5)
  • Update: RTL Ready
  • Update: Responsive improvement 
  • Fix: About page timeline issue
  • Fix: Research result page checkbox selection and submit button issues
  • Fix: Blog section show all blog posts button issue
  • Fix: Pagination position issue
  • Fix: Blog post category position issue
  • Fix: Single blog post blog edit icon issue
  • Fix: Coming soon and 404 pages' home redirect issue
  • Fix: Blog version 2 width issue
  • Fix: Submit and article section language issue

Download Travelia     Live Demo

Ares Murphy

Ares Murphy is a creative multipurpose Joomla template for designers, web agencies, individual professionals like bloggers, photographers, graphic/UX experts, developers or anyone who needs a personal site or blog. 

Ares Murphy v1.9 changelog 

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder (3.5)
  • Fix:  PHP warning
  • Fix:  Search box align
  • Fix:  Input text box padding
  • Fix: Select option
  • Fix: Next arrow
  • Fix: Logo and collapse bars in RTL responsive
  • Fix: Navbar responsive
  • Fix: RTL navbar alignment
  • Fix: Countdown timer in responsive font size
  • Fix: Coming Soon page header link not found
  • Fix: Testimonial font size in resume variation page
  • Fix: Search responsive Coming Soon page
  • Fix: Photography-variation page header and down arrow
  • Fix: Resume-variation category view beside category details side
  • Fix: Resume-variation side vertical border alignment

Download Ares Murphy     Live Demo


Yoga is a Joomla template for any type of spa, wellness, fitness, sport & dance studio, gym, health club and wellness websites. It is developed with modern technologies and helps you build great looking wellness websites easily

Yoga v1.5 changelog

  • Update: Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder (3.5)
  • Update: Latest version of SP LMS (3.3)
  • Fix: Course time on the home page for every course
  • Fix: Pagination active style on blog page
  • Fix: RTL text align on contact form of single trainer page
  • Fix: RTL single event page error
  • Fix: RTL user profile page toolbar text alignment
  • Fix: Duplicate item issue on classes page

Download Yoga     Live Demo

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