Weeks back, we introduced 2 brand new addons in SP Page Builder that received an incredible amount of positive feedback. We never pause thinking on how we could offer something more robust, more useful and more interesting. As a token of that effort, today we’re releasing the brand new Animated Heading addon in SP Page Builder 3.3.5 Pro. It will revolutionize how you create titles and headlines on your website.

So, what’s inside the NEW Animated Heading addon? What can you do with this? Stay with me through this article and we’re gonna find these.

Introducing Animated Heading addon

This is what I was talking about. The Animated Heading addon will dramatically improve your website’s look and feel. The addon comes with the 2 following core functionalities.

  1. Highlighting Animation
  2. Text Animation

The shiny new addon is an advanced heading/title maker that you can use to create a section heading. Simply drag and drop the addon anywhere you want to add a title/heading. Then define the highlighted and/or animated parts of the heading. Look at the GIF below for an immediate idea of where the Animated Heading magic starts.

There are 9 highlighting animations and 10 text animations built inside the addon. You can explore all of these effects on the frontend and apply whichever you like. Here I’ll provide a brief overview of the core attributes.

Highlighting Animation

Let’s come to the origin. Why do we use headings? To give a section title for easier focus, right? To make the titles more appealing and give more weight on a particular keyword/phrase, you can use the Highlighting Animation feature. This can highlight your desired keyword/phrase with different markers like a circle, line(s), cross sign, pushes and more. An example is given in the screenshot below.

How to use

As I’ve already mentioned at the beginning, using Animated Heading addon is really easy and straightforward. Simply place the addon to the section title’s position, then add and customize the title text using it. To use the Highlighting Animation feature, choose it from the Animation Style drop-down menu.

In the Highlighted Text field, enter the texts that you want to highlight. You will also get 2 other fields before and after the Highlighted Text field to enter the other texts in the title. You get many other configuration options to choose the highlighting shape, color, shape width, HTML tag management, and basic heading text settings. Check the screenshot below.

Header Animation in SP Page Builder Pro v3.3.5

Under Styling Options, you get controls for your highlighted animated text styles along with the overall heading texts.

Text Animation

Upon placing the Animated Heading addon to its intended position, you can easily start creating an animated heading/title. To do so, first select the Text Animation option from the Choose Animation Style drop-down menu.

How to use

In the Animated Text field, enter the texts that you want to animate. If you want to animate more than 1 word, put them in separate lines by pressing ‘Enter’ key after inserting each word in the Animated Text field. There are 2 other fields before and after the Animated Text field to enter the other texts in the title. We’ve also added HTML tag management and basic heading text settings on board. Check the screenshot below.

Text Animation in SP Page Builder Pro v3.3.5

Under Styling Options, you get controls for your animated text styles along with the overall heading texts.

22 new Animated Heading blocks

What's more thrilling is that you'll have 22 brand new pre-designed blocks made with Animated Heading in the "Blocks" section. They are ready to use with a single click. To take advantage of them, all you need to do is drag them from the "Blocks" section of SP Page Builder and then drop to your desired area on any web page. They are sleek in design and represent the content in a very eye-pleasing way.

What you get inside SP Page Builder Pro v3.3.5? Full Changelog:

  • New: Animated Heading addon.
  • New: 22 blocks added (created with Animated Heading addon).
  • Fix: Section Shape z-index issue.
  • Fix: Heading addon text-transform issue.
  • Fix: Carousel Pro addon undefined constant issue.

You can utilize all these effects & styling options and play with their combinations to create conversion-friendly headings easily. Please try the new Animated Heading addon today and let us know your feedback as always. Thanks for trusting JoomShaper!

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