Success of an eCommerce business does not only depend on the products but also on the way they are presented them. Despite having quality products, an eCommerce store may not cut a good figure in the market because of having a poor exposure. So, how do you create a great impression with your eCommerce items? The answer is you have to have an attractive eCommerce site in the first place. With our new eCommerce template Arino, you can easily create such an eCommerce site.

In the latest version of SP Page Builder, we have introduced interactions for the first time in the history of Joomla. Interactions is a new way to make better customer engagement. Your website gets a touch of life when a customer makes any interaction with your website. More about Interactions in this article.

Arino is a complete package of a modern eCommerce store. Besides eCommerce functionality, it showcases product list, product details, and carts stylishly. You stand a higher chance of impressing customers if you build an eCommerce store with Arino.

Watch the video below to see what this template has in it for you.

Now let’s see Arino eCommerce template features in a quick list.

  • 5 home variations with interactions
  • J2Store powered eCommerce store
  • Readymade cart flow design
  • Advanced product filtering system
  • Dedicated product listing page
  • Conversion friendly offer popup
  • Featured & trending items
  • Curate and showcase deals
  • eCommerce blog
  • Translation & Retina ready
  • About, Coming Soon & 404 pages
  • Multi-platform newsletter support
  • SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Arino Features and Functionalities

Arino offers everything you need to build and run a successful eCommerce store on Joomla. Some of the most important features of Arino are described below.

5 Home Variations

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

There are 5 different home variations to showcase your eCommerce store. You can decide whether to display products on the slider or have deals in the hero section. Choose a different combination of product and content display option from these 5 home variations.

  1. Default - Universal eCommerce store layout
  2. Fashion - Creatively designed for fashion & clothing
  3. Electronic - Smartly crafted to fit any gadget store
  4. Furniture - Showcase and sell furniture online
  5. Organic - Build a site to sell organic food items

Smart Slider to Showcase Deals

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

What if you can welcome visitors with some hand-picked products that are on sale! Yes, you can do it with smart Deal Slider. Arino has hero sections to showcase handpicked products with a call-to-action button. If you are a slider lover, choose any of the variations that has slider in it.

J2Store Powered eShop

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

J2Store inside Arina makes it easy to create a complete eCommerce site. From displaying products to making payments, Arina offers all required eCommerce functionalities powered by J2Store Joomla extension. Display eCommerce items with all required attribute utilizing the powerful J2Store feature and accept payments from multiple payment methods. We included J2Store free version in the Arino template quickstart pack.

Attractive Product Listing with Advanced Filtering Option

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

What you mostly need to have on an eCommerce site is the products. Arino displays eCommerce product on multiple product listing variations and shows each item on a nicely designed product detail page. Most importantly, visitors can filter products with different options.

  • 2 Products Listing Variations: There are 2 different product listing variation to display your eCommerce items on.
  • Product Detail Page: Showcase each eCommerce item on a nice product detail page.
  • Advanced Filtering: Filter products by setting up minimum and maximum price by dragging. Apply instant filtering by check-marking on categories and brands.

Display Product in Multiple Variations

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

Display products on the site in different designs. Arino has 6 different product showcasing layouts to present products. Pick layouts based on the products you want to display.

The layout variations are: Featured, Slider, Smart, ClassicSimple, Creative, and Top Feature.

Offer Popup & Deals

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

Having an eCommerce site isn’t enough, you have to make profits out of it. Arino has a system to enable popup and display deals on the site so that you can convert visitors into customers by showing popups and deals.

  • Conversion-friendly Popup: Display offers, discounts, and bundles in an elegantly designed conversion-friendly popup
  • Attractive Deals: You can also showcase offers, deals, discounts, etc. on a special section on the homepage to draw visitors attention more.

Featured & Trending Items

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

Arino lets you boost sales and make more profits by displaying products smartly. You can curate products and display them on a special section on the homepage. Besides that, the trending items that are being sold repeatedly will be displayed in a section too.

eCommerce Blog

Introducing Arino: A Complete eCommerce Solution on Joomla

More traffic to your eCommerce site will lead to more sales. You can talk about your products, write reviews, and give tips and tricks on your eCommerce blog and drive traffic to it. Arino has a nice looking eCommerce blog to do so.

  • Publish deals, offers, announcements in blog posts
  • Write product reviews and give tips & tricks
  • Engage visitors with useful articles on your eCommerce blog

Creating an eCommerce store is more like fun with Arino Joomla template. With the powerful J2Store inside, it gives you everything you need to run your online store. Showcase products and present them beautifully to your visitors.

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