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Introducing Dietician: FREE Nutritionist Layout Bundle for SP Page Builder Pro

14 February 2020
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Introducing Dietician: FREE Nutritionist Layout Bundle for SP Page Builder Pro

How often do you get proposals to create a healthcare website? But, you refuse to build one since you're not an expert in the sector. Well, you don't have to anymore. Today we introduce Dietician, a free layout bundle for SP Page Builder Pro. It's carefully crafted to build a website for any dietary services. Let's see what you get in today's layout bundle. 

Dietician Layout Bundle Pages

The layout bundle offers the following pages for creating a dietician website. When you have SP Page Builder Pro installed on your site, you can just import the following pages to use as yours. These are the pages you'll be having inside the Dietician layout bundle.

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Service
  4. Case Study
  5. Case Study Details
  6. Books
  7. Pricing
  8. Appointment

Now that we know what are the pages we'll be having, let's get a deeper look.


Dietician Home Layout

The homepage of a website conveys the most significant message - why the visitors need to be here. The home page for the Dietician layout bundle introduces a nice clean landing page for any dietician/nutritionist website. It comprises all the necessary sections. However, you can adjust it according to your needs.


Dietician About Layout

A dietician's website is as popular as the individual. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to showcase everything related to the dietician in an elegant way. The About page is the perfect example of that, you don't need to do anything other than drag and drop. 


Dietician Service Details Layout

One of the main attractions of the site is the services a dietician provides. The content should be well decorated and nicely presented. So that users get a clear idea about the services offered. 

Case Study

Dietician Case Study Layout

You can increase the social proof of any business by providing case studies. Use this page layout to showcase case study listings.   

Case Study Details

Dietician Case Study Details Layout

Providing the details of case studies is as much important as listing them on the site. This page makes sure users who want to go through the case studies get a nicer experience. 


Dietician Books Layout

When developing a diet website or a site for someone who is a dietician. There will be books that are recommended for everyone interested in leading a healthy life. This page provides the layout for beautifully displaying books. 


Dietician Pricing Layout

You cannot make everybody happy with the price. But with this page layout, you can present the pricing in a very nice manner.


Dietician Appointment Layout

It's one of the key functionalities of a diet website to enable visitors to book appointments with the dietician. This page comes with a sleek design that makes sure users have a smooth booking interface.   

How to Access & Import a Layout Bundle?

All of the SP Page Builder Pro users, upon configuring the license key, can access, explore, and import any layout bundle.

In order to get the latest layout bundle, you need to update SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version. To get a step by step guideline on how to access and import a layout bundle, please visit this documentation page.

Get the Dietician layout bundle and create an elegant diet/nutrition website on Joomla. Once you import the Dietician layout bundle pages, you can modify the design and content according to your needs. Make your next big site with SP Page Builder today!

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Daniel Balazs
Daniel Balazs
4 years ago
Is there a time chooser on the "appointment" page's picture? Am i right? That would be awesome...i tried this template but i couldn't find it out how to make the appointment chooser just like the way it is on the picture...can anyone help with thet? thx...
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
4 years ago
That was built with the form builder addon. Did you try that addon? Btw, you can import the layout and check how we did that.

Daniel Balazs
Daniel Balazs
4 years ago
I tried, and imported the layout. The imported version doesn't look like this at all. I mean the one on the picture...I know the form builder, but i can't make the form to look like that one on the picture. I'm using joomshaper for 2 years now...on support forum, everyone everytime i asked that "is there a way to make a time chooser for the appointment making section"...said that there is no way to do this (for example with SP medical)...and now, there is a way on that picture, and i suppose u know how to do this. Can you help with that? :D btw i like this layout and i would love to use it...
Saifur Rahman
Saifur Rahman
4 years ago
Let me apologize for the inconvenience Daniel. I mistakenly uploaded the image of the initial design which raised the confusion. I have now edited the post and replaced the image with the current design.

As for your solution to add a time slot for the appointment system, you can do that with the Form Builder addon. You just need to predefine the time slots using Radio/Select field.

For inspiration have a look at this image, the Select field has been used here

You can do the following using the Radio field

The Form Builder addon uses email for storing the responses, [url=""]click here to know[/url] how to set it up properly.
Daniel Balazs
Daniel Balazs
4 years ago
Hi Saifur!

It's absolutely fine, you don't have to apologize for anything. :) Thank you for your help! btw I'm still hoping that you're gonna make an awesome appointment system that we can use for spas or for beauty salons....or just an upgrade for the SP Medical system... |:) |:)

Kind regards!
Saifur Rahman
Saifur Rahman
4 years ago
Thanks Daniel, means a lot :-)
4 years ago
Great looking pages. Nice work.

I would love to see some pages for Long content.
Like article pages.
And some landing page designs.

Keep these coming

Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
4 years ago
Some examples would help a lot.

Thank you.
falcon meri
4 years ago
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4 years ago
While creating web pages with SP Page Builder is super easy, some of you may not want to build everything from scratch.

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