Are you looking for an ideal Joomla template to showcase portfolios? You are not alone in this hunt. There are plenty of people who want to introduce themselves globally with their works. Let’s get introduced to Folium, a rich, diverse, and elegant Joomla template dedicatedly built for portfolio sites.

With Folium and it’s elements, features & functionalities inside, any marketer, writer, model, vlogger, musician or anyone can showcase portfolios online. Being built with Helix Ultimate & SP Page Builder Pro, this template will offer the utmost customization and frontend editing functionalities. Folium is not a regular Joomla portfolio template, it’s a complete portfolio website solution on Joomla covering all areas in its category.

There’s a lot of things to explore in Folium. But at first, let’s watch an overview video below.

Now, let’s have a glance at Folium features.

  • 6 dedicated home variations
  • Book and ticket selling options
  • Seamless interaction effects
  • Conversion-friendly hero section
  • Interactive gallery
  • Audio Player addon
  • Animated Coding addon
  • Well-designed blog
  • Dedicated about page
  • Ready onboarding pages
  • SP Page Builder Pro (save $49)
  • Helix Ultimate
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Easy customization on the frontend

Folium Features and Functionalities

This portfolio Joomla template has plenty of features and functionalities. Let's know some of the most important ones in more detail.

6 Home Variations

Folium comes with 6 different home variations to cover most of the portfolio website categories. From a developer to a model, everyone can build a portfolio website to showcase their work.

Introducing Folium: The Most Diverse Joomla Portfolio Template

  1. Marketing Strategist: Have a hero section with a CTA, quick portfolio for a great first-impression, and present curated services, case studies & podcasts.
  2. Writer: Folium has a dedicated home layout for writers to showcase their work. Have a welcoming hero section to connect the writer with readers. Show the latest book with relevant information and stats.
  3. Musician: This home layout introduces the musician visually in the hero section. It offers visitors an easy way to play featured tracks. Have upcoming shows to keep the audience informed.
  4. Vlogger: Vlogging success these days starts with a robust and scalable portfolio website. Folium, the Joomla portfolio template addresses this need so nicely.
  5. Model: Have a slider at the top to present the model gorgeously. Express brief details about the model for a nice introduction. Showcase some commercial work followed by an Instagram gallery.
  6. Developer: Planning to create a website for a developer or programmer? Folium is the best choice for you. The Developer home variation is a combined package of art and science for that.

Seamless Interaction Effects


Folium utilizes SP Page Builder’s Interactions feature to make your site extraordinary. These interactions can make your content dance with user actions. You can go beyond the ordinary flat page designs and apply animation effects to any page element. Make your portfolio website more appealing and lively to the visitors with the interactions.

Easy Book & Ticket Selling Options

If you want to sell books, event tickets or anything related to your business, Folium has the system to do that. Have the item details with the right link in the specific section.

Introducing Folium: The Most Diverse Joomla Portfolio Template

  • Sell Books: Display books with detail on the portfolio website built with Folium. The visitors will get a clear idea of what the book is about. Also, you can have a CTA button to lead them to the bookselling platform.
  • Sell Tickets: Folium lets you sell tickets for events easily. Simply place the ticket details with the selling platform link. The interested visitors will be able to purchase tickets without any hassle.

Interactive Gallery

Introducing Folium: The Most Diverse Joomla Portfolio Template

A dedicated media gallery can add great value to your audience. Have an interactive media gallery with a click-to-filter option. Showcase beautiful moments of your professional life and impress visitors with them in a nicely designed gallery.

Your Own Blog

Introducing Folium: The Most Diverse Joomla Portfolio Template

Blog plays a significant role in keeping the audience engaged. Folium has a clean and professional blog design to impress readers. Display slidable featured blog items with informative news feed on the blog home page.

Powerful & Dedicated Addons

Introducing Folium: The Most Diverse Joomla Portfolio Template

Folium uses a collection of SP Page Builder addons. There are also 3 dedicated addons. We’ve built dedicated pages to showcase all the addon demos live.

  1. Audio Player: Showcase playable audio tracks on the site.
  2. Animated Coding: Displays code snippets with motion effects.
  3. Vertical Gallery Slider: Presents a vertically slidable image gallery.

Showcase pages have been included in the template demo so that you can see all the individual addon demos. This will help you check out all the great element designs of Folium.

Built-in Pages

This portfolio Joomla template has a bunch of built-in pages. Use these ready pages to create a full portfolio website in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo contents to get started.

Introducing Folium: The Most Diverse Joomla Portfolio Template

  • Contact: Let the site visitors contact you via a phone number, maps, contact form, and/or physical address shown on the page.
  • Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.
  • Registration: Self-explanatory form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.
  • 404: Notify visitors with the wrong URL and direct them to the home page with a 404 page.

So, it’s time you made a fantastic portfolio website with Folium. Explore Folium features and decide which home variation suits you best. You can literally build any type of portfolio website with it. Do let us know your thoughts on Folium. Also, don’t forget to inform us what you want next. Good luck with your projects.

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