It’s been long since we talked about our newly released Joomla template last. Literally, kind of stopped announcing monthly templates on our blog presuming that the template landing pages depict broader pictures than blog posts. But we came to know that we were wrong. Many of our customers informed us that they prefer to get the template details from the blog posts as well.

This is why, we are back. Today we will talk about Gazette, our October 2018 Joomla template for any size of newspaper, magazine, blog, editorial, official journal, bulletin, periodical, and publishing site.

Gazette is an incredibly robust, functionally advanced, and visually stunning Joomla template that you can use to make any type of news/magazine/blog site.

Yes, we are back and we are back with a boom. Gazette is an wonderful template in its category which makes it easy for any Joomla user to build news and magazine site.

Powerful features in Gazette

Gazette is a full pack of a news and magazine Joomla template with all essential features. The powerful features in Gazette are briefed below followed by the details:

  • 3 unique homepage variations
  • No coding required, drag and drop website building
  • Author profile page (SP Author Archive component)
  • Article headline, slider, and scroller addons
  • SP Weather module to present weather information
  • Multimedia content gallery addons to present stories
  • Opt-in Form addon to generate leads
  • SP Tweet module, SP Poll component
  • Translation, RTL, and Retina ready
  • SP Page Builder Pro, Helix Ultimate framework
  • Instagram feed, Twitter feed, tabbed articles
  • Open Streets & Google Map addon, AcyMailing newsletter
  • Integrated Ajax contact form

3 exclusive home layouts

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

We’ve provided 3 different home variations in Gazette to cover all the news/magazine/blog types you can think of. The Gazette home variations are:

  1. Default (News): Running a mainstream or niche newspaper website? This layout will be the best fit for you. The default home layout is designed with the core newspaper industry in mind.
  2. Tech Blog: This layout has a stunning hero slider followed by the story areas with multimedia contents. It is ready for tech enthusiasts who run a technology portal or blog.
  3. Magazine: Use Gazette’s Magazine home variation and display your contents in a stylish reader-friendly way. The best template you could ever think for your magazine site.

Author Archive Component

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Gazette helps you create author list and author-specific post archives on your publication. There is an exclusive SP Author Archive component inside this Joomla template to set up this archive. Sine Joomla doesn’t offer this functionality by default, so we’ve created this dedicated component for you.

Versatile navigation system

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Having a large pool of content on a news site, it’s so important to offer a flexible navigation system for greater visitor engagements. With that in mind, we have several menu variations in Gazette.

  • Mega menu: A mega menu plays an important role in a large-scale news site. If you are going to have a resourceful site, do consider having mega menu.
  • Hamburger menu: Gazette also brings a hamburger menu to add some extra flavour to your news site’s navigation system. Present your site content thoughtfully to your visitors.

Rich and powerful addons

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Alongside quality site building tools, we also give you many special addons with Gazette. With these powerful addons in this Joomla template, you can style your websites and add more functionalities easily.

  1. Thumb Gallery addon: Display image thumbnails in a really eye-catching way with Thumb Gallery addon. You can also customize different options regarding the news image gallery with it.
  2. Vertical Slider Addon: Have more articles in a single content area. The Vertical Slider addon lets you slide articles vertically. You can set it up by determining the number of posts and deciding whether to display category, date, and author names. Enable lazy loader if you want to.
  3. Stock Scroller addon: This addon sets up stock update section from the backend and displays stock update on the site.
  4. Article addon: The Article addon is one of the powerful addons ever used. It powers many content areas on Gazette. You can configure different settings like limiting the number of articles and selecting the article layout display easily.
  5. Article Slider addon: The Article Slider addon in Gazette lets you have different articles/blog posts on sliders. Your visitors can click on the slides to open the full post.
  6. Opt-in Form addon: Set up a newsletter subscription form for greater user engagement with the Opt-in Form addon.

Display stock updates

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Gazette lets you display stock updates on your news site for the interested visitors. The dedicated Stock Scroller addon in Gazette helps you fetch the latest stock info on your site easily.

  • Hourly stock update: You can keep the visitors informed with crucial stock market data fetching stock updates at a regular interval.
  • Easily configurable: The Stock Scroller addon comes with a few easily configurable options so that you can get up and running in minutes.

Greater social engagement

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Besides having a reader-friendly website, you should maintain your presence on different social media as well. Gazette lets you display your social profiles and posts right on the site. It’s your best chance to make your news site much more engaging.

  • Social feeds: Share your Instagram and Twitter feeds in a nicely designed interface. For Instagram, you can determine the number of posts to display there. In case of Twitter, just give your twitter handle. The SP Tweet module will manage everything.
  • Social profile links: With Gazette, you can have your social profile links on the site in order to ask visitors to follow your profiles on those social networks.

Easy site building mechanism

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Gazette is powered by the revolutionary drag and drop page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro. Customize everything of your news site live and see the changes instantly. SP Page Builder Pro coupled with Helix Ultimate give you a flawless and resource-saving website building experience.

  1. SP Page Builder Pro: The superbly powerful frontend editor brings an amazing experience of designing the entire news website on the frontend.
  2. Helix Ultimate: A modern, user-friendly, and highly customizable Joomla template framework to build any site easily.

Poll maker component

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Poll is one of the most interactive features that lets you have visitor-opinions on a particular subject. We used SP Poll component so that it becomes easier for you to set up and manage polls easily. It asks visitors to vote and shows the result on demand. Undoubtedly, poll is one of the most interesting features in any news site that readers love. Gazette lets you have that with our powerful SP Poll component.

Special-purpose modules

Introducing Gazette, the October 2018 Joomla template

Apart from plenty of addons, Gazette comes with several modules as well. These modules add some important features and functionalities to your news site. Create a news or magazine website that has everything for the readers.

  1. SP Weather module: Want to display weather updates on your news site? Gazette lets you do it effortlessly.
  2. SP Tweet module: SP Tweet gives you a solid mechanism to add your Twitter feed right into your web pages. Display your Twitter feed anywhere on your news site in a second.
  3. Tabbed Article module: Present your articles in a tabbed interface. Let your site visitors click on each tab to display the type of news they want to read.

Gazette also gives you a wide range of news section layouts for smarter content presentation on the site. Add a variety to your news site and attract visitors with different news layouts. Apart from these above mentioned features and functionalities, you get AcyMailing newsletter extension, lazy loader, and plenty of other benefits with Gazette like dedicated support, detailed documentation and regular updates from us.

This is Gazette. Please let us know your feedback via comments. Also, suggest us what you want more. Happy developing. 

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