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Introducing Giver: A Compelling Charity Website Joomla Template

19 April 2019
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Introducing Giver: A Compelling Charity Website Joomla Template

You gotta be excited today. Because today we mark the beginning of a historic journey with launching a second template in a single month. From now on, besides getting a template at the very beginning of a month, you will get another one in the second half of the month. Yes, on that happy note, we introduce Giver today. A full-fledged Joomla charity template to serve your charity purposes.

If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.-Buddha

Giver is the perfect choice for charity firms, NGOs, fundraising bureaus, child cares, environmental protections, and all other social charity websites. Before exploring features and functionalities in this Joomla template, let’s see the whole overview in a quick video.

What’s inside Giver?

Giver has plenty of features regarding charity and donation. Among all of these template features, some of the exciting ones are given below.

  • Donation Campaigns
  • Donation Form
  • Volunteers & Team Members
  • Showcase Charity Programs
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Dynamic Statistics
  • Engaging Blog
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Built-in Pages
  • Image Gallery
  • Advance Contact Forms
  • Retina Ready
  • Mobile-friendly Adaptive Design
  • Google Fonts

Now let’s discover some of the most important features in more details.

Donation Campaigns and Forms

Introducing Giver: A Non-profit Charity Website Template on Joomla

Run donation campaigns and display them all on a campaign listing page. Show causes and other details to inspire people to donate different amounts. There is a donation form to get donations from the interested donors in the most effortless way.

Volunteers & Team Members

Introducing Giver: A Non-profit Charity Website Template on Joomla

Giver lets you have all of the people on the site as volunteers or team members. Display volunteers with their name, designation, and social media links. Have a registration form to get new volunteers on board.

Testimonial Slider & Dynamic Statistics

Introducing Giver: A Non-profit Charity Website Template on Joomla

Grow people’s trust and love by showing statistics on your site. With Giver, Joomla Charity template, you can showcase the number of people you have served. Also, you can specify the regions that your services cover in a pie chart. Then display what people say about your charity projects on a nicely designed testimonial slider.

Creative Blog and Gallery

Introducing Giver: A Non-profit Charity Website Template on Joomla

The blog in Giver is crafted creatively with an amazing grid-based design with eye-catching elements in order to hold and satisfy the readers’ time in the article. There’s also a nice gallery to share meaningful moments with the visitors.

Newsletter Subscription

Introducing Giver: A Non-profit Charity Website Template on Joomla

Giver offers a smart way to communicate with the volunteers, members, and other stakeholders and keep them informed via newsletters. It works with AcyMailing, SendGrid, Sending Blue, Madmimi and so on.

Built-in Pages

Introducing Giver: A Non-profit Charity Website Template on Joomla

Build a charity website with all required pages given inside this charity Joomla template. There are ready pages like Registration, Coming Soon, contact, Login, 404, and more.

  • Registration: A user-friendly form with self-explanatory fields to get intended individuals registered on the site easily.
  • Coming Soon: A well-designed page to let people know what is coming on the site next.
  • Contact: Showcase physical address, phone number(s) and a contact form for the visitors to reach you in different ways.

Notes: To be able to use this template, you must have SP Page Builder Pro. We introduced a brand new system where you don’t need any Quickstart pack (for this template) to get demo data as before. You can import sample data of articles, SP Page Builder pages, menus, modules, and template styles in smaller file size. You can also go for a fresh installation. The system shows you two of these ways. The choice is all yours.

The Giver has everything in it to power any charity website. Most importantly it has SP Page Builder at its core. Modify contents and personalize this template with extreme ease. From now on, we will release two templates every month. Do more with JoomShaper as you get more. Good luck!

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Rayhan Arif

Rayhan Arif

Assistant Vice President, Business Development
Content and web evangelist who loves to discuss life-changing web tools like SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate, and introduces new templates and helps users have a clear understanding of how they work.
Dhaval Patel
5 years ago
For this all the process SP page builder is necessary? Please reply to me if yes or no so i will decide. Btw this is the great information.
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
5 years ago
Page Builder Pro is required for the Giver template.

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