If you want to create a website for a law firm, legal agency, attorney, or lawyer, we have great news to share with you. Today, we are releasing Themis, a complete law firm website solution on Joomla. So, creating a website for legal services will now be easy for you.

As you all know, we release Joomla templates every month. Before we start working on a new template, we care about what our users need. We receive plenty of requests and suggestions from our users. Themis is the result of your suggestions and our research.

The template includes all the required features of a legal website. You can showcase your legal portfolio, display services and help people figure out how your service is better than others.

Let’s see a video overview of the template below.

Now let’s explore the feature in a quick list.

  • 2 home variations
  • Stunning mega menu
  • Off-canvas menu
  • Predesigned section elements
  • 2 lawyer blog variations
  • Portfolio ready
  • Appointment Form
  • 2 pricing plan pages
  • Built-in pages
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
  • Priority support, detailed documentation & updates

2 Home Variations

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

There are 2 outstanding home variations in Themis template. Both of these home layouts have different content presentations. You have to have a look at both of them, and then decide which one focuses the most on your nice areas.

  1. Default Home Layout: The default home variation has a smart hero section displaying contact addresses and CTA buttons. Have legal practice areas, testimonials, stats, and more on the home page.
  2. Classic Home Layout: Classic Home Page design has a booking form in the hero section followed by facts and stats, award and recognition, and team members.

Appointment Form

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

Themis makes it easy for your potential clients to book their appointment in a nicely designed form. Let all interested clients schedule their meetings with the lawyers. There’s a nice looking Appointment form to do that.

  • Self-explanatory form fields to book clients appointments
  • Showcase the steps of the consultation for an easy overview
  • Let the clients pick their service area, date & time, and add other details.

Out of the Box Service Showcasing

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

Themis presents the legal practice areas with the number of solved cases in those particular areas. Describe services, place videos and more on the service page.

  • Unique Service Listing Page: Get a service listing page. Display services as practice area mentioning the solved cases in that particular area.
  • Service Detail Page: Describe services in detail with all relevant information. Have a tabbed system to showcase the service details.

Dedicated About Page

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

The about page of Themis displays relevant visuals to inform people what you do and how you do. Present stats, place videos, and showcase core values in styles.

  • Display Core Values: You can display some of your rules, core values, terms and conditions in this section.
  • Video: Place a video to showcase how things are done in your law firm. Have some words about your law firm under the video.
  • Statistics: Display success rate, number of solved cases and number of cases under trial in a wonderful section.

2 Law Blog Variations

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

There are also 2 blog home layouts in Themis. Publish relevant legal articles, news, announcements or any other legal stuff. The blog helps you target & reach potential clients with diverse content.

  • Full-width Blog Layout: Themis has a full-width blog home layout with a sidebar. Smartly display blog posts on the blog page of your law firm.
  • Section-Wise List View: The secondary blog home variation displays blog posts in a list view. You can have featured posts, sidebar, and more on your blog.

2 Pricing Page Layouts

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

As a law firm or a lawyer, the site owner would want to showcase legal services and inspire potential clients to convert. For that, the site needs to have pricing plans to display charges in more detail. Themis has 2 different pricing plan layouts to do so.

  1. Pricing Card: Display charges combinedly including all services in each particular pricing plan card. Describe each of the plans above the service list.
  2. Price List: Prices come in a segmented way in this pricing layout. Showcase different billings in a list and describe each of them in detail. Present a clear picture of pricing.

Mega Menu & Off-canvas Menu

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

Get the smartest site navigation with mega menu and off-canvas menu. Have a flexible navigation system by offering a multi-layered mega menu on the site Make sure that the visitors get what they are looking for on your legal firm site. Be accessible to visitors having important pages linked to the menu items. Have an off-canvas menu design with transition effects on the menu items. Go beyond the conventional menu design.

Built-in Pages

Introducing Themis: The Best Law Firm Joomla Template is Here Now

Themis law firm Joomla template has a bunch of built-in pages. Use these ready pages to create a law firm website in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo contents.

  • Contact: Let the interested visitors contact you via a phone number, maps, contact form, and/or physical address shown on the page.
  • Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.
  • Registration: Self-explanatory form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.
  • Team: Showcase lawyers, attorneys, and other team members with their visuals on a nice team page.

Themis comes as a complete package for a law firm and lawyer websites on Joomla. With SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate inside, you have full control over your site design. So, what are you waiting for? Get Themis now and build a great online presence for your law firm and other legal services.

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