SP Page Builder currently comes with 48 addons, in some cases, even more depending on the template that you’re using. Each of them was designed to perform a particular set of tasks. They are engineered in a way that they can serve their purposes flawlessly. However, we will not get into that detail today. We would only talk about a very special addon which has recently been added to the league. Last week’s update of SP Page Builder (v3.3) introduced a sleek new UI, refined UX with a couple of new addons. Our special Image Overlay addon is one of them.

What can you do with Image Overlay?

  • Adjust image height to your needs
  • Apply 6 different image animations
  • Create image overlay with gradient or solid color
  • Add texts to an image and control the typography
  • Add buttons with a lot of customizations
  • Offers 9 different content positioning

So, we have got a quick overview of the addon above, now let's explore the features in details:

Adjusting image height

One of the best things that you can do with this addon is adjusting the image height to your desired size. What’s great about this is the height will adjust according to the ratio. So no matter what you do, the image will never break.

Control the image height in Image Overlay addon

Figure: Adjusting image height in the Image Overlay addon.

Applying image animation

Image animation is there to bring a lively effect to the images. You’ll find 6 image animations in total. Choose the one that matches the best or leave it blank if you don’t want any animation to that particular image. Plus, if you want a pop up of the image on click, you can enable the “Open Image In Lightbox” option.

Choose your preferred animation in the Image Overlay addon

Figure: Applying image animation in the Image Overlay addon.

Creating image overlay

The “Overlay Options” section is dedicated for adding overlay to an image. The settings for normal state and hover state are the same. You can create an overlay with solid or gradient colors. All the settings are pretty self-explanatory. Play with them to awaken your creativity.

Creating gradient overlay in the Image Overlay addon

Figure: Creating a gradient overlay in the Image Overlay addon.

Adding text content to the image

For adding text to this add-on content, there are 2 options available: title and subtitle. The settings for both are the same. You have complete control over the typography. You can also change the text color, insert link and add icons if you want to.

Adding text content to the Image Overlay addon

Figure: Adding text content to the Image Overlay addon.

Exploring content positioning

Another amazing thing that you can do with the Image Overlay addon is controlling the content position. You can place your text at your desired position from the 9 different options available for content positioning.

Check-out the 9 different content positions in the Image Overlay addon

Figure: Applying different content positions in the Image Overlay addon.

Accomplishing more

Image Overlay is a feature-rich addon to display content in a very attractive way and becomes even handier when you want to put a button on an image. Yes, you can do it as well with this addon. So, make something easily accessible for your users and provide them right away with the thing they want most.

Explore button options of the Image Overlay addon

Figure: Exploring button options in the Image Overlay addon.

Once you type the button name in the "Button Text" field, all the settings for buttons will appear and they are pretty self-explanatory so you’ll find it easy to use.

We have an addon to display images on a website using SP Page Builder. We have another addon to show text content along with images. But we were missing an addon like this one where you can apply a plethora of effects to any image. The Image Overlay addon is a great addition to the SP Page Builder addon library. We anticipate that you will definitely love it. If you have any suggestion regarding this or for a new addon please don’t forget to share with us. And keep loving JoomShaper like you do 🙂

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