With the arrival of a variety of courses and urge to experience them through easier and much more user-friendly system, we always wanted to bring timely modifications to our SP LMS extension. After having plenty of suggestions and analyzing what changes may take place in the e-learning arena, we’ve identified a lot of new stuff. Each of the new things and modifications is meant to give the best ever e-learning experience for the site admins and the visitors who the courses are for. Please welcome SP LMS 3.0, the latest version of the world's most advanced e-learning Joomla extension.

Let’s see what SP LMS 3.0 brings for you.

A step forward to Joomla 4

At JoomShaper, we think forward. We always strive to develop future-proof products so the users can be benefitted from these for a longer period of time. You all know, Joomla 4 is in the pipeline. And we are getting ready for this. With SP LMS 3.0, we take you a step forward to Joomla 4 by making the extension compatible with the next major version of the CMS. We will be adjusting the compatibility parameters through the course of Joomla 4 release timeline. 

Course review & rating

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

You wanted it, and we’ve added it. Now you can offer your users a way to review the courses they take on your e-learning platform. SP LMS 3.0 brings a brand new review and rating system which empowers you to make your institution more credible. Users can write a course review and rate the courses with stars.

Contact form on teacher’s profile

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

The updated SP LMS extension has a brand new feature that will dramatically improve the communication experience between teachers and students (or the course instructors and the participants). With the updated extension, you can place a contact form on teacher profiles, so that anyone interested can contact the instructors using the form easily.

ACL system

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

In previous versions of SP LMS, an admin used to add the courses to the site, and later assign the courses to the respective teacher profiles. This was a bit more time consuming, and a gap persisted because the course teacher knows the best about how it should appear on the site. With today’s update, we address this matter. SP LMS 3.0 lets an admin create a dedicated user-group in Joomla with some custom permissions.

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

Then the admin can assign teacher-accounts to that dedicated group, and thus provide the teachers some custom permissions that will enable the teachers to add courses to the site. This will lessen workload from the admins, and offer greater independence to the course instructors.

Cart module

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

The new Cart module in SP LMS 3.0 works as you would expect. It displays a shopping bag icon on the top right corner of your site navigation menu. Once a visitor adds courses to his/her shopping list, hovering the mouse on the cart will show the selected courses list. Clicking the cart icon will open the checkout page from where the purchase can be completed.

Price discount option

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

SP LMS 3.0 gets a useful enhancement in its pricing. We’ve added a discount option to the course pricing system. From now on, the course instructors will be able to set a discount on the regular price of their courses. The course pages and listings will display the regular price along with the discounted price, discount percentage etc.


SP LMS 3.0 comes with several other cool new features on board. The extension itself now uses native Joomla system rather than FOF, which was being used in its previous versions. You can display related courses on the single course pages. Other new features include modern URL routing system, improved lesson navigation system, PHP 7.2 compatibility, SP LMS Events Calendar module etc.

SP LMS 3.0 is here with discount, rating and more e-learning features

Figure: SP LMS Events Calendar module lets you mark and display events in a calendar on the website.

We've also updated 3 of our relevant Joomla templates to make them well-compatible with the latest LMS component. You can enjoy the latest benefits of SP LMS extension with our freshly updated Yoga, Educon, and Varsita templates. 

In today’s release, we’ve fixed 2 known issues such as duplicate order and backend item sorting glitches as well.

Full changelog

  • New: Upgraded component to native Joomla system
  • New: Added Review system in the course
  • New: ACL system (if the user is manager or teacher then he can add courses)
  • New: Cart Module
  • New: SP LMS Events Calendar module
  • New: Related courses
  • New: Modern URL routing system (legacy included)
  • New: Improved cart store system
  • New: Improved PayPal integration system
  • New: Added price discount option
  • New: Contact form in teacher’s profile
  • New: Improved lesson navigation on the lesson details page
  • New: Added course quick view panel on the course details page
  • New: PHP 7.2 compatibility added
  • Tweak: Search security improved
  • Tweak: Improved cart data storing system
  • Fix: Duplicate order issue fixed
  • Fix: Courses module column issue fixed
  • Fix: Backend item sorting issue fixed

So, this is the mighty SP LMS 3.0 update. We strongly believe that this version of the extension will boost the versatility and scope of your e-learning platform. If you have any suggestion or query, please share via comments. Happy enlightening!

Note: If your template is YogaEducon, or Varsita, you must update the template to avoid compatibility issues with SP LMS 3.

Download SP LMS 3.0