The latest updated of SP Page Builder Pro v3.3.7 was a well-furnished one that was very appreciated by the user group. This time it’s no different. We’ve brought a bunch of interesting features to enhance the UX of SP Page Builder Pro to an even greater extent.

Testimonial addon rating

The testimonial is one of the core features when it comes to building any website. It is something that helps to gain the visitors' trust by showcasing words from the previous clients. We added a static rating option using which you can rate a client’s word and add styling to that.

Testimonial addon rating in SP Page Builder v3.3.8

Pricing addon hover

Since pricing is the most significant part of a business, a solid presentation is needed to attract the client's eye. Pricing addon does just that. But the addition of hover effects to this addon, will help you to present the pricing package with even more versatility.

Pricing addon hover in SP Page Builder v3.3.8

Navigation addon scrolling offset

Navigation addon can make your website stand out from the crowd. If used properly, it can increase the UX of your website to a whole another level. We've added an offset feature to the scrolling effect in this addon to make it even more versatile. You can now offset any amount of space in pixel to define how much space will be added or deducted from the scrolling action (where the user will be jumped on after clicking the navigation option).

SP Page Builder 3.3.8 Pro brings a bunch of interesting and useful features

The full changelog of SP Page Builder 3.3.8 Pro at a glance:

  • New: Landing Page layout bundle
  • New: Client static rating option added to the Testimonial addon
  • New: Vertical divider option added to the Divider addon
  • New: Custom styling added to the Progress Bar addon
  • New: Hover effect added to the Pricing addon
  • New: Scrolling effect added to the Navigation addon
  • Update: Google Font updated with all the new fonts
  • Update: Default margin value of all addons set from (0 0 30px 0) to (0px 0px 30px 0px)
  • Fix: Column overlapping issue of the Timeline addon 

As you can see, there are a lot other new features introduced in this update including vertical divider option in the Divider addon, custom text/percentage styling in the Progress Bar addon, and icon color adding to the Tab addon. As a gentle reminder, we've introduced a new layout bundle: Landing Page in this update, you can learn all about it from this blog post.

Other significant improvements include updating all the Google Fonts, changing the default value for all the addon margins, and fixing the Timeline addon overlapping issue.

Ever since the launch of SP Page Builder, it has won the hearts of its user base. The love and support we get with every release are beyond imagination. That is what inspires us to make SP Page Builder the best of its kind. Keep loving us and we’ll love you back. Thank you for being with JoomShaper.

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