After a crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday season, we’re back with a shiny new update to your favorite website building tool. Today we are so excited to release SP Page Builder 3.3.7 Pro with a good number of new stuff and enhancements. The component’s latest version will make your site building procedure more relaxed with even more resources. Without further ado, let’s jump into what SP Page Builder 3.3.7 brings for you.

SP Page Builder 3.3.7 Pro changelog

  • New: 8 shapes added
  • New: Animated Number addon position option added
  • New: Section/row overflow option added
  • New: Modal Popup addon icon’s text responsive option added
  • New: Testimonial addon link target option added
  • Fix: Page edit ACL issue fixed
  • Fix: Smart search issue fixed
  • Fix: Multilingual pages frontend edit issue fixed
  • Fix: Section/row window height responsive issue fixed
  • Fix: Button addon link type icon dependency issue fixed
  • Fix: Feature addon undefined variable issue fixed
  • Fix: Timeline addon undefined property issue fixed
  • Fix: Divider addon margin issue fixed
  • Fix: Carousel addon undefined variable issue fixed
  • Fix: Section/row content middle align issue fixed
  • Update: Video addon suggested and related video On/Off option removed

8 new shapes

SP Page Builder presents new shapes, features & enhancements in v3.3.7 Pro

As you already know, you can add beautiful pre-designed shapes to your site sections with SP Page Builder. Until now we have great news for Developers, there have been 11 shapes in SP Page Builder Pro. With today update we added 8 more shapes to this collection. The new shapes are: Brushed, Hill, Hill Invert, Hill Wave, Line Wave, Swirl, Wavy Opacity, and Zigzag Sharp. To use the shapes on your site, go to a section/row’s Setting > Style, then enable the shape option (Top or Bottom). Now you can choose a shape for the section and customize its look.

Animated Number addon text position

The Animated Number addon gets a new feature with this update. Now you can position the animated number and the text around it. There are 4 positions- top, bottom, left, and right for you to move the animated number around the text.

Modal Popup addon icon’s text responsive option

SP Page Builder presents new shapes, features & enhancements in v3.3.7 Pro

The Modal Popup addon’s icon text gets new responsiveness editing option in today’s update. Now you can define the size and responsiveness options for a modal’s icon text while being displayed on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Section/row overflow option

In the last update, we’ve added height option to sections/rows. Today we’re introducing a new feature to that option, so you can put overflowed content in a specific row. These overflowing contents will appear while scrolling.

Page edit ACL issue fixed

We have been offering access control list (ACL) on SP Page Builder for a long time. This enables the site admins to control which user group can edit their site content with SP Page Builder. An interesting feature of this functionality is preventing a user group from editing a specific page. With today’s update, we’ve improved this feature by adding some usability enhancements to it.

Smart search issue fixed

Some of the SP Page Builder users have reported to us that they were noticing duplicate search result items for SP Page Builder contents while using Joomla’s smart search feature. The search indexing functionalities also used to face an error. Both of these issues have been fixed with today’s update.

There's more

SP Page Builder presents new shapes, features & enhancements in v3.3.7 Pro

There are many other improvements and fixes in the SP Page Builder 3.3.7 update. See the full changelog above to get the complete picture. Another notable fix to mention here is about the multilingual page editing issue. We’ve come to know that some users faced a 404 error when they tried to open a page in frontend editing mode by clicking the Frontend Editor button from the backend page list. Now the issue has been fixed. Plus, from the Video addon, suggested or related video On/Off option has been removed. Because YouTube is preventing to turn off the suggested/related videos in their API. 

All these hard work is to ensure that you can have a relaxing vacation at this time of the year while using the most reliable Joomla page builder. Have a comfy holiday. Cheers!

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