Last week I had a pleasure trip to the longest natural sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar. As I was seating at the beachfront and watching the sunset I received few notifications on my phone. These were feedback on SP Page Builder, the world’s #1 Joomla page building tool. That lifted me up, I took a few notes, and forwarded to the relevant team afterward. Today I’m back at my desk, and cannot wait to share the good news. We’ve just released SP Page Builder v3.4.2 with a bunch of useful new features and enhancements.

First thing first. Here’s the changelog for SP Page Builder v3.4.2.

  • New: Column ordering option added for mobile view
  • New: Purge CSS option added to Production Mode
  • Fix: Smart Search issue fixed and improved search functionality
  • Fix: Page Builder module inner row CSS missing issue fixed
  • Fix: SP Page Builder edited article CSS missing issue fixed
  • Fix: Parallax effect edge gap issue fixed
  • Fix: Media Manager “BROWSE FOLDERS” file delete issue fixed
  • Fix: Media Manager folder with space issue fixed
  • Fix: Column front-end edit settings saving issue fixed
  • Fix: Client addon’s no image error generation issue fixed
  • Fix: Modal addon’s frontend edit icon CSS issue fixed
  • Fix: Accordion addon’s frontend view title CSS missing issue fixed
  • Fix: Articles addon’s button text-transform issue fixed
  • Fix: Carousel Pro addon’s frontend edit content font weight issue fixed
  • Fix: Row background video W3C issue fixed
  • Fix: Heading addon’s Text Transform not working issue fixed
  • Update: Joomla native search improved for SP Page Builder article contents
  • Update: Section ID description text improved
  • Update: router.php updated
  • Update: UX improved for column generation preview; Comma (,) changed to Plus (+) sign

Note: Both the Pro and Lite (free) versions have been updated. Feature/addon availability differs on which version you are using.

NEW: Column ordering function for mobiles

Having contents in multiple columns is one of the most blessing features of SP Page Builder. In relatively big screens, for example, you can place side-by-side columns and see the output live without getting altered. Also, you could easily drag and drop to swap the column positions. Since the contents get rearranged in responsive mode (specifically on smaller screens), you may feel the necessity of some re-ordering. Since today update you can define, which column to come after which one. New option "Mobile Order" allows you to change the order of the grid system in a single row based on different browser sizes. This means that on a large screen, you can have a different grid than on a mobile (smartphone) screen.

This will make a lot of sense while following a hierarchy of contents.

SP Page Builder gets column ordering, Purge CSS, better smart search & more in v3.4.2 Pro

To use the column ordering feature, simply click the Column Options icon in the editing mode for a target column. Then, from the Responsive tab under Column Order Options, select an order for the column. Save changes.

With this useful feature, you are able to rearrange columns (from front and back-end) without any tricks. Take the SP Page Builder approach and create your content mobile first. Now is super easy, right!

NEW: Purge CSS option

When you use the Production mode of SP Page Builder, the component essentially generates a CSS cache file for faster page load. But, this may cause a delay in reflecting your latest page customizations on the live site- because the cached CSS file may still be in use. To address this matter, today we’ve added a Purge CSS option in SP Page Builder that you can use to remove the cached CSS in one-click.

SP Page Builder gets column ordering, Purge CSS, better smart search & more in v3.4.2 Pro

Go to your Joomla Control Panel > Configuration > Global > SP Page Builder. If the Production Mode is turned ON, then you will find the Purge Cached CSS button under the Production Mode section. 

Smart Search improvements

Smart Search support in SP Page Builder was added in last March (v3.1.3 ). It’s a useful functionality that incredibly boosts the user experience on your website. The Smart Search feature lets the visitors find contents easily with result previews, advanced filtering and more. We’ve noticed some issues with the discoverability of articles and pages edited/built with SP Page Builder. Some users reported, the Smart Search used to crawl and fetch the page title contents only- not the inner texts, especially those in addons.

SP Page Builder gets column ordering, Purge CSS, better smart search & more in v3.4.2 Pro

Yes, we heard You. With this update, we’ve fixed this issue. From now on, the articles and pages you edit with SP Page Builder, will be available in Smart Search results based on the inner contents as well. And yes, the "Finder Tokens Table Full" issue has been solved, as well. 

Joomla native search support enhanced

The articles you create and edit with SP Page Builder had an issue with Joomla native search. The article contents added/edited with SP Page Builder were not showing in Joomla’s native search results. Now that, this issue has been solved, so your SP Page Builder powered article contents will be discoverable via Joomla native search as well.

N.B.— Since we’ve updated the Joomla Article (integration) plugin of SP Page Builder Pro, so you need to update the plugin to make Joomla native/smart search work smoothly with the contents added/edited with the tool.

SP Page Builder gets column ordering, Purge CSS, better smart search & more in v3.4.2 Pro

Go to your Joomla Control Panel > Components > SP Page Builder > Integrations. Then update the Joomla Article plugin. (Install and enable fist if not already.)

Please note: While editing articles in the Joomla Editor, you need to save changes done by the Joomla Editor within the Joomla Editor mode.

SP Page Builder gets column ordering, Purge CSS, better smart search & more in v3.4.2 Pro

When you do some changes to an article using the SP Page Builder Editor, you need to save that customization within the SP Page Builder article editing mode. Otherwise the changes can be lost. 

Parallax issue fixed

SP Page Builder gets column ordering, Purge CSS, better smart search & more in v3.4.2 Pro

In some past cases, parallax images won’t move as expected. The foreground and background portions failed to move proportionately which used to make a blank gap between the edges of the 2 layers. But it should not have been. We received several reports about this problem. Finally, SP Page Builder 3.4.2 fixes this issue. Now, your parallax image will move perfectly (given that you choose the right sized image in this purpose). Check our detailed tutorial here to know how to create Parallax effect in Joomla.

CSS missing issues fixed

After the last SP Page Builder update, we got a lot of positive feedback that we are really proud of. Since we value each and every user feedback, we are addressing 2 issues that arose after the v3.4 update. It appears that the Page Builder module’s inner (nested) rows have been experiencing a CSS missing issue since v3.4 Pro. The Joomla articles edited with SP Page Builder faced the CSS missing issue at the same time. Today’s update solves these issues. Now smile!

Besides the above-described improvements, we’ve done a lot of other stuff to enhance your site building experience with SP Page Builder Pro. The Client addon will no longer generate an error in absence of an image in it. Plus, many other addons got several known issue fixes and tweaks.

Please try the latest SP Page Builder as soon as possible, and let us know your feedback. Big thanks as always.

Advice: Take a full website backup before updating SP Page Builder.

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