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SP Page Builder Pro Version 2.3.5 Arrived!!! New Addons and Lots of Improvements

20 January 2017
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SP Page Builder Pro Version 2.3.5 Arrived!!! New Addons and Lots of Improvements

With tremendous supports and positive responses from our user community, we have released a brand new updated version of most widely used Joomla visual page composer tool SP Page Builder Pro 2.3.5 on January 18th with lots of commitments and incremental improvements.

Along with the promise of introducing our community the best game changer drag and drop page builder, we have added two new addons “Instagram addon” and “Timeline addon”. Also, there are improvements like issues fixed in JCE compatibility and a new improved button addon.



Few important improvements and fixations also arrived with the Previous versions. Frontend login view and W3C validation error fixed in version 2.3.2 also PHP minimum requirement version is changed to 5.4 in version 2.3.4.


Instagram Addon

SP Page Builder now serves you with an amazing feature to add your Instagram gallery right into your webpages with it’s newly added “Instagram Gallery” addon.



Timeline Addon

You can now add an auto-constructed timeline, fully organized and formatted information display with the new “Timeline” addon in SP Page Builder Pro.



JCE Compatible

SP Page Builder Pro is now totally compatible with Joomla Content Editor (JCE) as all the previous issues are fixed.




Version 2.3.5

  • Instagram Addon (pro).
  • Timeline addon (pro).
  • Article issue in JCE fixed.
  • Search error fixed (pro).
  • Button addon improved.
  • Contact addon form improved, style for send button (pro).
  • Textarea in Text Block fields

Version 2.3.4

  • Row style issue fixed.
  • PHP minimum required version changed to 5.4.


Version 2.3.3

  • Row unexpected whitespace issue fixed.


Version 2.3.2

  • IE Image issue fixed
  • Module Pagebuilder style and background add issue fixed (Pro).
  • Module Pagebuilder frontend language issue fixed (Pro).
  • Module SP Page Builder HTML data not saving issue fixed (Pro).
  • Row third party video issue fixed.
  • Equal column responsive issue fixed.
  • Article integration JCE bug fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Google Map hover mouse scroll issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Countdown Language string issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Accordion on/off all items feature added.
  • Addon Button Group only show icon issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Feature individual padding option (top, right, bottom, left).
  • Long text button issue in responsive.
  • W3C Validation error fixed.
  • Addon Settings “Access” visibility issue for IE/FireFox fixed (Pro).
  • Frontend login view (Pro).
  • PHP old version error message.
  • Admin footer information updated.


Version 2.3.1

  • JCE 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 compatible (Pro).

Version 2.3

  • Article integration issue fixed (pro).


Version 2.2

  • Import Bug bug on windows PC fixed (pro).
  • Media input in repeatable issue fixed.
  • JCE Editor 2.6.x compatibility added (pro).
  • All known issues fixed.


Download Lite Version    Download Pro Version


We are enduring a rapid introduce of newest features with SP Page Builder Pro to make it the best visual page builder in the world.

Stay with us.

7 years ago
With this, can I create a single article and bring that into an add-on in SP Page Builder 2.3.5? When doing a newsletter, it's great to have links to the individual articles which anyone can link to rather than having to add anchors to each story in the newsletter code.

Also, any chance Simple Image Gallery Pro is yet supported? We've been waiting a long time for that...

Towfiq Omi
Towfiq Omi
7 years ago

SP Page Builder Pro can't show single article. It can show article list from a category or parent category.

There is no particular addon for Simple Image Gallery Pro but you can always show it with our Joomla Module addon.

Also, we are bringing more and more newest stuffs....not very long to wait. :)

Thank You

7 years ago
SP Page Builder has brought Joomla to a new level. It enables website developers reach new heights.
Rifat Wahid Alif
Rifat Wahid Alif
7 years ago
Really thanks for your appreciations. Please stay with us.

- Thanks once again.
7 years ago
Please please please provide the means to show a single article. That would be single greatest thing you could do for SP Pagebuilder.

Rifat Wahid Alif
Rifat Wahid Alif
7 years ago
Right now we don't have the option to show a single article. We actually adding feature based on maximum people requirements. We will add this if maximum people want it or required.

- Thanks
7 years ago
[url="https://www.web54.fr/blog-/-tutoriels/le-blog-d-une-agence-web-lorraine/sp-page-builder-pro-version-2-3-5-est-arrive-beaucoup-d-ameliorations-et-de-nouveaux-addons"]https://www.web54.fr/blog-/-tutoriels/le-blog-d-une-agence-web-lorraine/sp-page-builder-pro-version-2-3-5-est-arrive-beaucoup-d-ameliorations-et-de-nouveaux-addons[/url] in french.
thanks for all, Serge
7 years ago
tank you.
Jonathan Leathe
7 years ago
How to I go back to an older version of sp page builder it just messed up my site! It's urgent!
Towfiq Omi
Towfiq Omi
7 years ago
Hi Jonathan

Post your query in the forum.

Thank You
7 years ago
Tell me, does SP Comments work with SP Page Builder?

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