Standing right on the eve of a new year, it is high time we looked back at what JoomShaper’s 2017 was about. Unlike many people around, we did not envision a year through just 365 days. To us, it was bringing more to what we already have, reviewing the ways we were on, working consistently to enhance our scopes, and above all, keeping the pledge of making our customers smile.

Even in the naked eyes, one can simply notice the efforts we made and changes we brought. We take each moment seriously and 2017 was just more than a regular year to us. From adopting new technologies to extending the communities through innovations and patronizing conferences around the world, we tried to leave no stone unturned to bring you the best as well as help Joomla grow.

2017 was full of progresses at JoomShaper. There will be lot more surprises in 2018.

The year 2017 was more like a preparation period for us to jump into something bigger. We have extended our team and resources. We have maintained all the deadlines releasing Joomla templates and extensions. The biggest gift we have presented to our valued user community is SP Page Builder 3 in 2017. We have already started the development of our biggest release of the early next year ‘Helix Ultimate’. This year we have supported almost all the JoomlaDay events all over the world. Also, we were the lead sponsor of Joomla World Conference 2017. The JoomShaper website is also renovated and has more ingredients to connect our user with us. Now let’s start the grand year in review.

A bigger JoomShaper team

JoomShaper family in one frame

Throughout the year 2017 our company got a number of new team members. The entire team is now more creative, full of ideas and has the highest level of capabilities to turn ideas into innovation. So, you can stay tight with ultimate satisfaction with JoomShaper that your beloved products are facilitated by our good hands.

Purchased land for a huge campus

JoomShaper purchased land for a huge campus

At JoomShaper, we dream big, and we do even bigger. This year, we've purchased a large  piece of land to build a 75,000 square feet office in future. The land is already in our possession, and we will start building our all-rounding campus in near future. It's a really amazing achievement!

New JoomShaper site

New re-designed JoomShaper site

At JoomShaper our users hold the dearest position. Whatever we do at JoomShaper, from the first line of code to the last line, we always want to make our users satisfied. This time we thought we need to renovate the JoomShaper site so that our users can feel, they are more connected with us. We have added more pages like ‘Life at JoomShaper’, ‘The Company’, ‘Meet the Team’ and redesigned the interface. Now you will definitely feel whatever the distance is, you are connected with the team you love.

SP Page Builder 3

SP Page Builder 3 : the most famous Joomla page builder

Most of the days of this year our development team was relentless and went though marathon hours of coding for the development of SP Page Builder 3. The product is now way more user-friendly than its predecessors. We have introduced a completely new visual frontend site building mechanism, added all the necessary innovative features with SP Page Builder 3 to make the life easier for our users. We are now even more inspired to take the product to a new level in the coming year.

12 Joomla templates

JoomShaper released 2017 Joomla templates

JoomShaper always releases the monthly templates at the very beginning of the month. This year we continued the legacy and released all the 12 templates on time. We released the templates in different categories and updated them per our users’ needs and desires.


This year JoomShaper released SP Easy Image Gallery extension to easily manage images, albums in a dynamic way. Our user community liked the extension very much and we released the extension for free. We’ve also enhanced our existing extensions to keep pace with the moving world.

Prizes and recognitions

Helix framework won the J.O.S.C.A.R award

JoomShaper won several prizes this year. Most notably, our Helix framework won the J.O.S.C.A.R award as the best template system in JandBeyond 2017. Also, JoomShaper was featured in SpeckyBoy, Awwwards, The Daily Star, Gavick and many other places through the year.


We are Joomla enthusiasts, we live and breath in Joomla. That's why we never lack behind supporting Joomla events all over the world. With this pledge, we have supported almost all the JoomlaDay events as the lead or title sponsor. We also sponsored the J and Beyond 2017.

Joomla World Conference

Wherever Joomla is, there will be JoomShaper as well (you know this). The biggest Joomla show on earth was on Rome, Italy this year. JoomShaper team was there as the Diamond sponsor of the event. It was a great experience for JoomShaper, meeting Joomlars from all over the world, being with the user community of JoomShaper in Italy, and so on. JoomShaper gave away a brand new iMac in the event along with other prizes.

Looking forward to the future

Our team is stronger than ever, we are more confident than any previous time, we have products in the bag that you will definitely love. So many thanks for being with us, the future will be amazing. Here are some hints: 

Helix Ultimate

After releasing the products of 2017, we have already started working on the products for 2018. One of them is the most waited “Helix Ultimate”. Our development team already has made significant progress on the product. Helix Ultimate will be a major hit in 2018 we believe.

More user-oriented futuristic templates

Our design and research team already started planning for 2018 templates. Our next year templates will be adorably different from the traditional Joomla templates in the market. We are eyeing for the more user oriented and futuristic design concept that will keep our users one step ahead of others.

Some exciting products in the pipe

There will be lots of surprises in 2018. Some exciting products we are going to release in 2018 that will definitely blow your mind.

Of course, it was just not about making effort and getting things done for you. Moreover, we have been overwhelmed by the appreciations our customers gave us all along the year. Lets welcome 2018 together and have a great year staying with the innovation and technology.