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Updated Last: 26 August 2023

Logo next to menu after scroll

aspasia logo scroll

By default settings of QS you cannot have logo next to menu after scroll down. But using following solution it can be done:

  1. First step, reduce logo dimensions to small one, for example use 30px of height for logo image.
  2. Upload smaller PNG logo image to server to: /image folder
  3. Create/Add new menu item
    a) Type: External URL
    b) Link: put here URL of your site
    c) Link Image : choose smaller logo image
    d) Add Menu Title : No
    e) Set as a first menu item , in order list
    f) Custom CSS Class: scrollogo
        - before class name must be one space.
  4. Use following custom CSS inside custom.css file:
div.sticky-wrapper .sp-menu-item.scrollogo > a {display:none;}
div.sticky-wrapper.is-sticky .sp-menu-item.scrollogo > a {
height: 30px;padding-top: 10px;display: block;

logo scroll only