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Updated Last: 20 March 2023

How to add more than 4 thumb sliders

By default template can show only 4 thumbs sliders even if you added more, for example, five.

How to add more thumbs

  1. In Thumb Slider addon add addcional thumb with image and all details
  2. In Options > CSS tab of that Page insert following custom CSS code:

If you want to show 5 thumbs:

.slide_thumb_wrap .flexslider .slides li {width: 20% !important; }

If you want to show 6 thumbs:

.slide_thumb_wrap .flexslider .slides li {width: 16.66% !important; }

5 thumbs sliders

Remember to Apply changes and Save Page changes to see results.

To change background color of 5,6 thumb slide please use following custom CSS code:

.slide_thumb_wrap .flexslider .slides li:nth-child(5) .thumb-wrap .thumb-text  {
    background: rgba(182,51,106,0.9);}

.slide_thumb_wrap .flexslider .slides li:nth-child(6) .thumb-wrap .thumb-text  {
    background: rgba(70,165,70,0.9);}

Of course you can/should use your own RGB colors code. Remember to clear CMS and browser cache after each code customization.