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Updated Last: 14 July 2020

Layout - Module Positions

The following screenshot highlights the main layout module positions that we used in the current template. By using Layout Builder in Helix Ultimate, you're able to move positions or even change their sizes in the grid (based on Bootstrap 4). Our in-built layout builder from template settings provides you the opportunity to add new positions, columns, and rows wherever you need and to move the elements as much as you want. More information & tips you will find inside Helix Ultimate Manual.

Note #1: To see modules published in the right or left sidebar in Single (Detail) Article view you have to change one option. In Helix Options > Blog > Details > Disable Modules : OFF

Note #2: Template has additional module positions (Content Top & Content Bottom), although they are not visible in Layout Builder, they can be used to display any modules above and below component area.