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Updated Last: 22 June 2021

Dedicated SPPB Addons

For this template purpose we added & used new addons:

  • Articles Slider
  • Thumb Gallery
  • Articles Vertical Slider
  • Stock Scroller
  • Articles (overriden addon)

Their physical location is: templates\shaper_gazette\sppagebuilder\addons\

With these powerful addons in Gazette template, you can style your websites and add more functionalities easily:

  1. Thumb Gallery addon: Display image thumbnails in a really eye-catching way with Thumb Gallery addon. You can also customize different options regarding the news image gallery with it.
  2. Article Scroller addon: Have more articles in a single content area. The Article Scroller addon lets your site visitors scroll through the articles you have in a single layout.
  3. Stock Scroller addon: This addon sets up stock update section from the backend and displays stock update on the site.
  4. Article addon: The Article addon is one of the powerful addons ever used. It powers many content areas on Gazette. You can configure different settings like limiting the number of articles and selecting the article layout display easily.
  5. Article Slider addon: The Article Slider addon in Gazette lets you have different articles/blog posts on sliders. Your visitors can click on the slides to open the full post.
  6. Opt-in Form addon: Set up a newsletter subscription form for greater user engagement with the Opt-in Form addon.