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Updated Last: 22 June 2021

How to

How to change colors of homepage slider

If addon settings won't allows you to change font colors, please use below custom CSS .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item .sppb-wow.sppb-animated.sppb-fullwidth-title 
{ color: yellow;}

.sppb-slide-item-bg .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-text .sppb-slideshow-sub-title 
{ color: red; }

sppb-slide-item-bg .sppb-slideshow-fullwidth-item-text .details 
{ color: green; }

How to remove Waves from Page Title background

This waves layer were added by background-image property (transparent png image was used). To remove them from all sub-pages you have to use custom CSS:

.sp-page-title::after { display: none; background-image: none;}

disabled waves page titles