The screen-shot below highlights the layout positions we used in “Xeon” template. By using this layout builder users will be able to create unlimited positions more then before. Our new & latest layout builder provide the opportunity to create positions where you want & no limitation for creating positions. From now its unlimited.

We are proud to tell that our templates are equipped with the most effective documentation found nowhere else. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up our templates to work and look like in our demo pages.

Let’s get started!

The following screenshot is the detail view of “Xeon” Front Page.

Menu Seetings

In this fashionable template we provide the menu scrolling option. For that reason when user visit the specific section like portfolio, team of xeon template then the menu will be automatically selected by the section.

For doing this we used specific id to the specific menu. To get this id just inspect the section and collect the id.

Larger view

Menu Scrolling settings

After found the id, add the id on the menus link section. See the screenshot given bellow:

NOTE: You will found this id by inspecting the element.


This is Emphasized by Xeon Slider Module. Here we used 2048px*1169px dimensions image for our sideshow. And this image is located in this path: templates\shaper_xeon\images. The image called as slider-bg.jpg. If you want to change the slider image then put your desire image in the same folder and do css on theme.less file (line no. 79)

Basic Options

In basic options we select the slider title and description. Here is also option for the slide 2 and slide 3 & we do the same things to them.


This awesome service section created by custom html module. We published service1 & service4 on service1 position, service2 & service5 0n service2 position, service3 & service6 on service3 position.

SP Portfolio

A brand new module, SP Portfolio(updated version) comes with Huge efficiency that lets you to build your own portfolio within few minutes.

How to configure

For this latest awesome portfolio users have to create a new category. Then create some new article for the portfolio under this category.

After doing this users have to fixed the portfolio settings from basic, layout and advanced option.

Basic Settings

In this template we fixed the category by portfolio. And also fixed the column, count and others necessary settings from here.


From layout settings we fixed the Module Layout by Default and select other settings which is necessary for this template.

Pricing Table

A brand new module, xeon_pricing_table comes with Huge efficiency that lets you to build testimonial within few minutes.

Pricing Table settings

From Basic option we fixed the Plan Name, Plan Price, Plan Details, Plan Signup, Signup Link. Here is another option for make the table featured. We do the same to the others, like Plan 2, Plan 3. Here is another option for select the logo also.


A brand new module, xeon_team comes with huge efficiency that lets you to build your team within few minutes.

Team settings

From Basic option we fixed the Image, Name, Designation. We do the same to the others like Team 2, Team 3, Team4, Team5 & Team6.

Presets Selector

In footer, we present the option for selecting the presets. Simply click the coloured circle to select the presets, which you like.