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Video Time Position On Scrolling


Juri Waldmeier

SP Page Builder 1 week ago


I got a special question. I want to add a video to my website which shouldnt play by itself, instead;

  • if you scroll down the page, the video should play forward relative to your scrolling speed

  • if you scroll up, the video should go reverse relative to the speed again

The general idea is to have a drone video, where the drone flies down. So if you scroll down, the drone video goes down too (to the ground)

Any idea to so so?

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Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
Accepted Answer
Senior Staff 1 week ago

Hi Juri,

you need sort of panoramic / 360 degrees video -- but we don't have it, maybe search here:

if you won't find anything, ask on most cases those are premium scripts