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Feature Request 8 months ago

Hello, I hope all is doing well. My request is as follows:

First request: Have an option for a donation button rather than free or paid. A user can place any $$$ amount. Also links to Paypal and can add an external link as another option.

Second request: This is a big one and a long shot. Have end user with proper permissions create their own courses, events, teacher. speaker, quiz, exam, dashboard, etc in the front end.

Third request: Have it integrated with EasySocial.

I thought I would ask for the last two. I know they are big request. I guess I can always use another extension. I like the simplicity of your extension.

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Rashida Rahman
Rashida Rahman
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 8 months ago


Thank you so much for liking it:) Well, I will let our developer know about these feature requests.

However, you can take advantage of ACL and give permission to your user groups as you want them to do.

Best Regards